What are the best note-taking apps for mobile?

Note taking apps – Do we really need them? Generally when we have to remember something or jot down something  we look for a paper to write. Though we write on paper we might lose the paper before we record the information,  but now with the advancement of technology we have different handy note taking apps. Note taking app is one of the best ways to keep track of all your important information at one place. Each app has its own distinct feature which makes it stand apart from the other apps. They are different note taking apps which cater to different sections of the society. It can be accessed from anywhere, any time and from any device. It helps us to be focused and recall the information that we have noted.

Microsoft one note: It’s a very handy, simple and a centralized place for your class notes, tasks, meeting notes etc. It can be used even by school going students to working professionals. It is popularly used for taking down notes in class or jotting down the minutes of a meeting for working professionals. It is a free app but it is connected to your one drive storage. You get 5GB free storage which is sufficient for many users but just in case you exceed this free limit no worries, you can extend it to 100 GB with a nominal amount of $1.99 per month.

Apple note: Apple note is a solid note taking app and it is exclusively developed by apple and underpinned with cloud technology.  If you are a lover of apple products then apple notes, also popularly known as iCloud notes is very easy to use. It gets synched with all your devices like, MacBook, iPad, iPod etc. What is so special and fascinating about this app is it is a free built in app by apple. It is pre-activated on your device and you can tag, share  and attach documents to your note. The most fascinating part of this apple note is, it is integrated with Siri. An outstanding feature of this app is you can even lock it with a password and even lock each note folder with a password or face ID. It provides 5GB free storage and if you exceed this limit you can extend it to 100 GB storage at a very very nominal amount of $0.99 per month. You can create as many notes as you want, draw, create lines and grids  and also upload photos from your gallery to apple note.

Obsidian: With obsidian notes you can easily put your notes in folders and subfolders for easy accessibility and you can link them using hyperlinks. It is available on android, mac and windows version mobile. It is a new category app in the market and it’s on par with other apps as well. It’s quite easy to use and makes life simple and enjoyable. You can set reminders for meetings just in case you forget. It gives you an overall view of the meetings that you have planned on your calendar. It’s a futuristic app for all the digital lovers because you can accommodate both internal and external participants.

Joplin: It’s a free app and simple to easy. it can be connected with one drive, drobox but it has its own Joplin cloud as well and keeps you connected with other people. Whatever pros and cons it has it keeps your notes end to end encrypted. It’s a pretty decent app to create notes, to do lists and set reminders. Reminders are very important because as we are multitasking as human beings we are bound to forget. These note taking apps are a blessing in disguise as we can walk into a meeting with no pad and pen and it make life pretty easy.

Simple note: It’s a simple and straightforward app to use as it is self explanatory from its name itself. It organizes all your notes neatly and helps you to find them later. It can be synced with all your devices.  The text editor in the app is completely secured and protects your privacy. It’s very swift and an easy note taking tool. Apart from all these outstanding features, you can share your meeting notes online with your colleagues. It has simple tools for editing and revising your content. You simply share it with your colleagues, classmates etc.

Evernote:  In Evernote you can store from your personal thoughts to professional projects and they are safely secured. It can be synced to all your devices and it can be shared very easily across. There are several formatting tools in this app which helps you to put down your thoughts into writing. It has a special feature to customize in the language that you are comfortable with. It works as a one central spot where you can create all your notes, sync and access it anywhere and everywhere. You can also audio record your professional meetings and attach them to your meeting notes and then circulate them to your peer groups so that they don’t miss out on anything. You can simply share and discuss the content online with your colleagues.

Notion: This note taking app is easy to work on as you can customize it as per your comfort zone. It helps you to work in an uncluttered work space, multitasking app such as through this note taking app you can share, assign, post comments and set reminders as well. It’s very flexible and has a friendly user experience. You can create unlimited notebooks and use it for real time collaboration. It has a feature of last view where you can store doc’s and notes and it’s a handy quick reference for last minute reference. You can even use emojis in wiki which makes it more attractive and funny to use.

Note taking apps help you to share your virtual notebook worldwide which will facilitate people to add comments to your notes. While sitting in college we cannot take down everything that the professor speaks, note taking apps will help us to write a summary of all the points that were discussed in the lecture. Notes taken down can be shared with the professor. You don’t have to carry a notebook to class, just carry the digital notebook with style as you walk into the classroom. Instead of having a separate note book for every course it saves time and money wherein you save all your notes on the cloud which makes it easily accessible and hassle free to read.

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