How to use Uber for ride-sharing?

Uber is a safe travelling app whether it is intercity or intra city travel. This article will help you on how to get a uber ride using the app through a smartphone. The under app is available on the iphone as well as the android devices. If you are new to any city uber app is one of the best and sought after apps to activate to have a hassle free commutation.

How to use the uber app –

  1. Create an account: To create an account all that you need is an email address and phone number. Once you activate the app on your device, register with your phone number and email id and you will get an OTP on your registered phone number. Insert that OTP and you are all set with your account.
  2. Enter your destination: Once you are done with creating an account, enter the destination where you want to go and tap on the pickup location. You can either write the pickup location manually or through GPS it will take your pick up location.
  3. Check and meet your driver: Once you put in the pick up and drop location, you can track your uber car when it is booked and within how much time it will arrive at the pick up location, which will help you to be at the pick up location without wasting time.
  4. Be careful and check your ride:Whenever you book an Uber ride, please make sure that you get into the right car. You can check this by cross-checking the car number that is visible on your Uber app. You can also cross-check with the Uber driver’s photo, which is visible on your app. Uber trips can be obtained only through the Uber app and not elsewhere.
  5. Choose a pick-up location: After you have chosen the type of ride you require, you have to choose your pick-up location. The GPS will track your pickup location, but you will have to be accurate with the pickup location.
  6. Set your drop destination: Once you are done with the pickup location, then set your drop location. You have the option to skip the fare estimate and go directly to booking the ride.
  7. 6. Get a fair estimate: Quite often, we are curious to know what the estimated fare for our ride is. The Uber app will give you the estimated fare for your ride, but the estimate is only approximate as sometimes the fare can vary depending on the route taken and the traffic conditions.
  8. Sit back and relax. When your Uber cab arrives, cross-check all the information, and then sit back and relax. When your destination arrives, you can make payment by paying cash or through PaytmWallet, or you can also make an online payment by linking your debit or credit card to the payment mode.
  9. When the ride is over: As soon as the ride is over, the ride fare will automatically be charged to the preferred payment mode that you opted for. I bet you that Uber rides are much cheaper than a normal taxi ride.
  10. Rate your trip:Once you’re done alighting from the car, you can rate your trip on a scale of 1 to 5, and if you are happy with the trip and other services, you can add a trip to your driver as well. Rating the trip will help the service provider improve their services. If uber rides get 3 stars or less, then the driver will be called by the company to find out what went wrong, and if he gets 3 stars for the most number of rides, then he could be banned by the company. Unless and until your ride was bad, a suggestion is to rate your drive a 5-star.

Choose the type of Uber rides –

Uber offers various types of rides, like Uber Go, Uber Premium, Uber Economy, UberXL, and Uber XS. Let’s have a look at these types of rides that are available on the Uber app.

  1. Uber Go: Uber Go is the most popular ride type, and it’s also economically cheap depending on the time of booking. Uber Go is affordable and gives a compact ride.
  2. Uber premium: Uber Premium is a premium ride, as its name suggests. They provide comfortable and high-end sedans with top-quality drivers. The drive could be a little expensive when compared to Uber Go.
  3. Uber Economy: Uber Economy is an economical drive, but it’s comfortable and safe, and it can accommodate four people, including the driver.
  4. Uber XL: Uber XL provides an affordable SUV ride that can accommodate six people. This is comfortable for family rides.
  5. Uber XS: Uber XS offers non-AC, comfortable, compact rides.

Some safety tips for Uber riders

Although Uber screens their drivers, there is an onus on the rider as well with regards to safety. These tips will help you be safe when you are on an Uber ride.

  1. Request your ride inside: Avoid waiting outside; instead, wait inside till the cab arrives, and request the driver to arrive inside. Until the app shows that the driver has arrived, it is better to wait inside.
  2. Check your ride. It’s always advisable to check your ride. Check to see if you are getting into the right car with the right driver. You can cross-check this, as all this information is available on the Uber ride.
  3. Share your trip details with your loved ones: There is a share option on the Uber app where you can share the trip details with your family members or other loved ones so that they can keep track if something goes wrong.
  4. Protect your personal information: As a rider of Uber apps, it’s always good to protect your personal information. Of course, Uber’s technology protects your personal information, but some of the onus lies with you as well.
  5. Be kind and respectful: The Uber company’s policy is that it expects its uber community to be kind and respectful of fellow passengers on board the cab.
  6. Be a back seat rider: If you are a lone rider, it’s always good for you to sit on the back seat so that you can safely and smoothly exit on either side as per the traffic rules.

With the information that is provided to you, as a new beginner or user of the app, you can easily login, create an account, and start using the app. Apart from using the app, you also have information on the safety tips that you as a rider should follow.

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