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Zombie booth is a free mobile app used to play and edit with your pictures and convert them into a scary picture of a zombie or a ghost. It is a fun app that adds a fun factor in our life’s that is very important in today’s time because everyone is busy and unsatisfied with their life’s so apps like this add that glimpse in our life’s. With the help of this app you can convert yours , your friends, family, colleagues or anyone you wish for pictures into the picture of a zombie, the face would be their only but would be very scared after you apply the filters of this app on those pictures. This app is available for almost all type of operating systems like iOS, Android,etc.

This app has many more features to offer to its users amongst which some are being stated as follows –


3D models– your zombies will turn 3D which gives a effect that they are just in front of you and are trying to scare zoombie booth app, zoombie booth app downloadyou, imagine your friend sending you such a picture of yours what will be your first reaction, obviously you will get really scared and want to just switch off your device.
Come alive zombies– the feature that lets the zombies make a bit of the moments also to scare the viewer or the person who receives pictures being edited by this app, they can move their finger, blink, breath and do a lot of such stuff after seeing them you get double scared and just want to hide somewhere.
Social sharing– you can not just edit the pictures but can also save them in your device gallery and if you want you can also share them on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc not only this you can also share it on other chat sites also like Whatsapp, hike, etc .

Zombie booth app APK download link from 9apps-

This is a amazing app for all those fun lovers and all the people who love playing pranks on others, this is just the app for you to giggle around and make fun out of every and any moment, don’t think much this app is not to be thought over, it will only take a few minutes to get installed in your device and a few mega bytes of yours. Get this app from our APK download link now and download it for free and enjoy.