Yellow battery | Free download yellow battery app APK for android

Yellow battery | Free download yellow battery app APK for android
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Yellow battery is a free mobile app used to save and optimize the usage and dropping of the device battery, as we all know there is huge problem related to the life span of battery among all type of mobile or other users these days and this is become a serious problem to be sorted that was been taken care of with this worthy app to download. This app saves the power or the battery of the device and extends the life of the battery till up to 50% to be precise which is a really big number. This app is a one stop solution for all the battery life related problems and was being developed specially for the android device users as this is the most basic problem with them these days.

This app has many more features to offer to its users amongst which some are being stated as follows-

FEATURES-yellow battery app, yellow battery app download

Smart save mode- with this feature you can save a large amount if battery of your device so that your device functions for the whole day and night and the life of your battery is exceeded to what ever limit it could be by deactivating the power consumption things in your device.
One tap- with this feature at a single tap of the user, all the things that are creating a fuss in the device and draining the battery a lot will automatically shut down and will not start until the battery is again plugged in to charge.
Consumption points- the feature gives points to what task is consuming what amounts of battery so that the user gets aware of what it they have to use if they have a low amount of data.

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This is a amazing app for almost all type of users and almost all age types because this is a problem every one of us is suffering through these days, this is the biggest problem of the youth who are on the phones all the time these days also, so if you are also among those who are not spared by this chronic issue then download this app now from our APK download link and solve this problem at once forever.,