Yellow Battery app APK download for android


Get the yellow battery from 9App.

Not all the smartphone crazy buffs know this. The yellow battery in the smartphone helps prevent a lot of power saving in the Android smartphone device. It gives longer life to the phone and requires only minimum charging.

Now hold on right there! What we are talking about is not the actual lithium battery that you need to go to the shop and purchase or order from an online portal. Here this is an app which can be downloaded on the smartphone and it does the backend work of consuming less charge of smartphone and thereby giving it a long life.  With this app securely tucked into the storage of you smartphone, there is no need to carry the portable or normal charger along with you. It also gives a long life to the hard lithium battery of the phone.

This app has really good features and in every sense is an inbuilt phone charger; this has been developed by the Android team at Google.  There are almost about 10 million users of this app. This is an APK app and the latest version is The updates keep on happening every few months with new features and new add on.

Here are some of the real cool features of this app –

  1. Just the click of a tab on the app and much of the power draining tasks in the phone which consumes most of the power can be controlled.
  2. Activating the smart save mode enables controlled power consumption while using other functions like Bluetooth, camera, data internet and Wi-Fi etc.
  3. The yellow battery app gives protection from overheating and also has the feature of boost up charging. This obviously will give more life to the lithium hard battery.
  4. The one tap optimization gives several features like the power consumption till that time, warning of reaching the limit of usage, alerts through notifications when a high level of usage is reached, suggestions of better usage etc.
  5. The app gives several updates on usage parameters like temperature, battery health status, remnant health power. This helps the user to handle the smartphone deice sensitively.
  6. The app gives detailed analysis of other apps in the smart phone and its extent of power consumption. The smartphone these days is filled with a multitude of apps and each one of them has different levels of usage. By getting this usage analysis from the yellow battery app, the user can decide which app they should less use to control power consumption.  They can also uninstall apps which are used less and have more power consumption.

Downloading the yellow battery app from 9App –

For all the android users of the world, who are keen to use this app can go to the 9Apps store site and download it. The latest version details will also be given. The yellow battery is an APK app which is free of cost and compatible from the Android smart phone basic version onwards.

9App is an app store that has all the apps for android phone and many apps for IOS phones also.