Yellow Battery app APK download for android

Yellow Battery app APK download for android
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Yellow Battery app ( download from 9apps ) –

yellowYellow Battery is one of the very popular and widely used battery and power saver that helps the users of smart phones to use their device for relatively longer period of time. This is an amazing app made with the leading android development team and allows its users where the battery of their device goes the most and helps them to manage it with the great ease with its awesome available features. It is today has over ten millions of users all around the world. The power saver, battery saver is especially developed to optimize the usage of battery for longer period in the android devices. This free app of yellow battery not only helps in saving the power of your concerned device but also extends standby and using time for fifty percent that helps the battery to last longer and preserves the life of battery.


  • Below noted is the list of some of the major and most helpful features of this free battery saver app of your android device i.e.. Yellow Battery. Just take a look-
  • One tap optimization helps the user in several ways like it monitors and carefully analyzes the power consumption of devices and simultaneously gives the warning and suggestions by way of alert or notifications when the device is at high consumption point.
  • By clicking on just a single tab, you can stop the power draining tasks that otherwise consumes much of your battery at the background.
  • It helps in saving power, extending the life of your battery along with boost up the charging and giving protection from overheating
  • Smart save mode enables you to optimize the usage of several modules like Wifi, Bluetooth and much more.
  • You can even get several updates regarding the status of your device like Remnant power, remnant power, battery health status, temperature etc.
  • Comprehensive usage analysis can also be done as yellow battery tracks and shows the extent of power consumption of every single app and task that helps in creating the awareness and getting the detailed and complete information of every function.

Yellow Battery app APK download from 9apps

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