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word search app, word search app downloadCrossword puzzles have always been enticing and these have always helped people to increase their language and vocabulary skills. Everyone from all walks of life and different age groups and even children have got addicted to crossword puzzles.

The god old cross word puzzles that comes on the newspaper every day still excites people and makes them put aside all their daily routines to spend a few minutes on this. The examples are many and varied. This includes the housewife eagerly waiting for the kids to leave for school and the husband to go to office, the executive wanting to take that five minute break to finish the puzzle and the cab driver asking his customer to wait for five minutes so that he can complete the crossword! There are many hilarious such incidents.

Now experience the power of the crossword puzzles through the app on your mobile phone. No needs to carry the newspaper along with you. There are many different types of games and test your skills through various word completion puzzles. In between any free time that you get, take five or ten minutes out and play the game. This can be the travel in the bus or the metro train, while in the back of the cab or waiting for the friend at the restaurant.

The Word search app developed and launched by KKZAP is one of the most popular cross word puzzle app games in the world. The game is present across the world in many languages across the world, almost 18 approximately. It has seen more than ten millions downloads till date and this number is set to grow day by day. Among the new free games, it is considered as the number one app in several parts of the world.

This is an Android specific game app and the version is 5.9.3971 with the latest updates being released on June 19th 2019. It has in app purchases for very nominal rates. The minimum Android version requirement is 4.0.3 and above.

Playing the game –

This is very simple. Just drag the letter to any of the fight directions like left, right, centre, diagonal till the hidden word is found. The entire game is on a grid. It is the perfect game to enhance the vocabulary and increase the brain sharpness. Not much taxing but equally testing! That’s what it’s all about.

Features of the game –

  1. There are enough options to keep you involved throughout the day. This is through the 30 puzzle word games the app offers.
  2. There are three different types of modes that is equally interesting. This is known as the topic, relax and the story mode.
  3. A very easy user interface with easy steps and commands.
  4. There are different types of colour themes in the app and this makes it highly interesting.
  5. Learn new word and word challenges every day.
  6. The language count keeps on increasing (interested language users can submit the same with game developer)
  7. It can be played unendingly with automatic generated grids.

Download from 9App –

Android users can download the latest version of the game from 9apps.