Which app store is best for Samsung mobile?

Which app store is best for Samsung mobile?
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here are many store that can be suited for Samsung mobiles. The store facilitate speed and accuracy on the mobile phones for running the different apps. The various app store is listed below.


It is the most widely used app store in the world. Its convenient.

  • It is used for downloading games. Various games can be installed and played
  • It provides streaming of various music and videos. People can watch there favourites within seconds
  • People can purchase books and help them to educate childrens and for themselves.
  • The users can watch their favourite shows because of the websites like hotstar and voot.
  • We can get information about new of the weather and the tropical changes.


The features are best suited for Samsung mobiles as they are inbuilt and fast because of the same company handling the authourity of publishing and running  of the app store. There are almost 13000 users of the store. It is the most user friendly for samsung mobiles


They get the maximum revenue generation from the store. it has also the tie up with YANDEX one of Russia’s biggest search index. They work vice versa for each other. There has been around 200000 apps working on it.

9APPS Store

The store helps in getting in touch with latest apps available in the market. It helps in getting the wallpapers and games which can be played later through google play store.


There may be many app store in the market. Every one has its pros and cons. The user can decide which app store to use among  the lot and they decide according to their requirements

9apps – fast download latest version