What makes 9apps a popular third party play store?

What makes 9apps a popular third party play store?
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There are many things that make 9apps a wonderful and popular third party play store. Certainly, over the time android users have seen a great change in everything. The number of applications has eminently increased. No matter what type of applications you want to use, you can find everything. But again, there are only a few sources that get you what you want and it is needless to say that 9apps is the place.

A rich platform for all

If you have an android device then congratulations you are a rich user. You can always make sure that you have the applications that make your experience utmost effective and enjoyable. Whether you are looking for games, video downloading applications, wallpapers, ringtones, learning, professional skills, music, art & crafts, time management, safety, fitness & health, dating, booking, news, reading, writing or anything else; you get everything in applications.

Free of cost

Since all the applications and the content you get from 9apps is free of cost, the users get enchanted in a blink of an eye. Certainly, when you are getting the expensive and premium applications for free on this platform, you should definitely check it out. This platform is definitely going to give you a huge experience. You would never have to spend any pennies when you have this store to download the applications.

Storage won’t get over

All you android users if you think that your smartphone or device would go out of storage because of 9apps then you are wrong. You can easily find a huge variety of applications in the realm of 9apps and that too without sparing much space. In other words, this third play store takes up only a few MBs of your device and it never exceeds 10MB in its size. So, you can relax if you have this play store to get all the apps you want.

Excellent speed

If speed is what you are looking for then you must not miss out on 9apps. Perhaps, its excellent speed is one of the amazing aspects that make it a popular platform. The store is really fast, effective and excellent. You can easily navigate through all the applications in this store and without wasting any time. The store works really fast and you can install the applications of your choice in no time with the help of 9apps. Actually, the developers of this store have made sure that the users don’t have to spend more than needed time to get an application. The UI is so smooth and effortless that users get no hurdles in using the store in any sense.


Thus, there is no doubt that 9apps is one of the most popular play stores in the android world. You would never find any other store that is more comforting and contenting than this. You would try it once and you are going to fall for it forever. The splendid thing about this platform is it’s never-ending development and expansion.