What is App Store?

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App Store is an online platform where we can get applications for our mobile and PC. App store provide a structure where company iT team/ marketing team/ sales team can upload there applications for the customer.

What is the benefit of App Store for customer?
Customer are the users who used this applications to make their work or entertainment or education easy. To ge this type of applications customer need an authentic and reliable place where they can get almost all the applications related products inside of visiting so many companies website.

Why use 9Apps Store?
9Apps Store concept was based on providing applications and game platform for all the years without any investment. So using 9Apps is best option for users.

How to download the 9app store for Android?
Android is an Operating System mostly used for smartphone. To download 9Apps in Android you need to enable third party unknown resource. For that you have to visit mobile setting and then go to unknown source and thickness to enable this option in your Android mobile after that you have to open your browser and then type download 9Apps the browser will show you options download from the website open the official website of 9Apps and then start downloading it in your Android mobile it will take few seconds to complete the process after completing you are ready to use Linux in Android mobile.

App Name :  9Apps
Version :
File size : 2.7MB

Developer : Google, Open Handset Alliance
Platforms : 32- and 64-bit ARM, x86 and x86-64
License : Apache License 2.0; GNU GPL v2 for the Linux kernel modifications
Latest release : 8.1.0 “Oreo”
Written in : Java, C++, C

9apps for windows

Windows based mobile supported all version of 9Apps to install 9Apps in your Windows phone you need to download this application and you don’t need to use third party installation process as Windows are compatible to install any type of applications without using third party.