Wear OS

Wear OS
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One of the most amazing Androids the version of operating system design for variables and the smart watches. Mobile phones having the Android version, it limits the Google pairing applications integrating of the wear OS Google Assistant Technology from smart watches factor. The wear OS connectivity has a full range of features and different applications. Giving a platform which comprises of Samsung, Motorola, LG and many more. It is the first Android Wear smart watches and software based on Android 5.0. Lollipop.

There are many features on the screen which automatically transport mode, the start of showing the directions of tracking automatically and monitoring. It also allows the integration and companion devices for reinforcing an assignment of body activity. It has an amazing feature of vibration engine which allows the users for any important notifications, and selecting a user set of applications for getting all the notifications. The wear OS also has multiple options for replying, typing, dictating responses to different messages and also use of emotions.

This intelligent notification from Google is very responsive with voice messages, where the users can initiate from the watch. There also options of camera app which can be activated and control. There are third-party applications for the phone camera and streaming devices supporting the contrasting color and illuminating the Google applications, developing and creating functionality on phone screen. The wear OS has a completely different and new logo with the smart watch operating system and also the I Phone, wear OS has provided visual responses to providing and choosing smart watches which has smart suggestions and new options, which are more helpful and very useful. The screen task  which is small but it can be easily usable and easy to tap supporting the audio responses, the smart home products are controlled by Wear OS  smart watches. It has incredibly assistant power devices which are introduced in Android wear.

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This app can be downloaded from the 9 app and you can easily do the shopping and enjoy the smart watch from android. These smart watches are very helpful in many ways keeping a track of your daily usage and providing various information.