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The Wattpad is a free mobile app and through this users across the world get connected on a common platform for reading, storytelling, writing and sharing. It is a truly amazing app, in the sense; it creates a strong community of creative minded sharing people.  There are lot of ways to discover oneself through the Wattpad. This can be a blog article, a fiction story, poetry, some review on a recent political or economic development or even personal interesting experiences.

 It was one of the early based portals on community sharing ideas. The launch year was 2006 from Canada and slowly it has spread across to other countries. Today it has a big community of users. Almost 75 million users and growing strong with new members joining every day – that’s the great thing. The founders of the company are Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen.

Storytelling and its proper description is an art by itself. It can really make people follow you and it can also take people to successful heights, if backed up with true talent. It is also the best way to propagate selfless social ideas and deeds.

Wattpad is a free app and works on all the platforms like Android and IOS.

Features of the Wattpad app –

  1. It’s not just about reading or posting stories. Lots more are there in Wattpad like contests for the various members of the portal. These contests are held by famous publication houses and magazines like Harper Collins, Rupa, and Penguin.
  2. You can have interactions and connects with best-selling authors and writers of different countries. This means, a member in UK might be lucky enough to connect with J K Rowling and members in India can connect to people like Lisa Ray or Chetan Bhagat or Durjoy Dutta. Of course famous authors like J K Rowling are accessible to all.
  3. Enjoy and read fan fiction stories about the latest TV serials having a wide viewership. Also read fan stories about popular Bollywood actors and actress.
  4. Come to know about original stories of famous cricketing legends like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and others – Their struggles, laurels and achievements.
  5. Become the most famous story writer of all times and Wattpads gives you the chance for this. There is a big talent potential in every aspiring writer and with some luck and right timing, people can achieve their dreams. Your creative story will be shared with thousands of other community members. They are all there to encourage you. It can turn out to be the next big book or movie story!
  6. By joining Wattpad, every person becomes members with a vast community of passionate readers and story tellers. Each member can comment and learn from the stories of budding writers and can also receive knowledge tips from other writers. Through this app, it is possible to learn many creative things.

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This creative oriented app is very much useful for the budding group of talented writers, readers and story tellers.

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