Virus Cleaner app install – mobile security antivirus app

Virus Cleaner app :

Virus Cleaner is a popular mobile security antivirus app that comes with great and very useful features such as virus clean, AppLock, WiFi scan, speed booster, call block and much more. This app is a choice of millions of Android mobile phone users as it enables them to guard the device and protect it from mobile risks and threats like virus, Virus Cleaner app install - mobile security antivirus appMalware, trojans and spyware etc. By installing this app, one can easily give complete and reliable protection to his device and the best part is, to do so there is no need to follow any harder fast rules as you can download this app directly from 9Apps Store and that too, free of cost.

Just take a look on the note below points to understand the main features of virus cleaner- antivirus app-

1- It uses double engine antivirus that automatically detect the virus and give complete protection to your device by removing all the threats make it completely safe and secure.

2-It scans the files of your device both internal as well as from SD card you will get protected and your private data will not be leaked.

3- Call block feature is also available in the app so that the users can block and irrelevant, unwanted or spam calls directly from this app.

4- The users are allowed to browse the web and surf the net day and night in a smooth and with complete security protection with the safe browsing mode.

5- One can even clean up or delete all the browsing and clipboard history in order to protect his privacy.

6- With the help of phone booster feature, you can accelerate the speed of your phone so it can run faster and smoother like the new one as it improve the performance of your device in single tap.

7- By cleaning all the junk and trojan files with scheduled and deep scanning, it optimises the speed of your mobile phone by releasing more space or phone memory.

Virus cleaner app APK download-

This app is available in many languages as this app is available in many languages such as Portuguese, English, Italian, Hindi, French etc as it is used by world wide by the android phone users in order to clean up all the junk files and virus. In order to install this amazing app in your mobile phone now, just click on the header or footer options and download it directly from 9App ..