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Violin app install from 9apps :

Violin is an Android app which is exclusively designed for those users would love to play and listen to this most beautiful, fun and pleasant music instrument. Today this app is a choice of millions of people and it also won the award of most entertaining apps of 2016. The best part of this amazing app is it is available free of cost to the users of Android and one can easily download it directly from 9Apps and enjoy the experience of having real time Violin app install from 9apps storeinstrument playing and that too, anytime and anywhere on the move. By installing this app in the Android mobile phones, the users can play any Violin song directly in their device with a simulated bow on the screen.

Following are the main features of violin: magical bow, just have a look-

1- There are three different modes available in the game app and the users can switch to it accordingly to play the violin in any of the game mode.

2- In the chords library, there are hundreds of chords available that you can play by using the violin bow.

3- The users can play Viola and Cello by selecting any of your favourite song from the song book and not only this, you can also switch between instrument by pressing the same at the bottom left corner of screen.

4- Violin can also be played by notes by pressing on fingerboard as you can easily select a violin scales without paying anything and follow the prompts notes. With the help of this feature, you can record your own song and listen to it later on.

5- In order to get high scores and ranking on the leaderboards, you have to play daily challenges songs in this app. You can also play and compete with your friends.

6- There are many people like you across the globe who upload their own created song and every user is allowed to play the song uploaded by other people according to their choice.

7- If you like any song uploaded by some other user then you are provided with an option to like or comment on the same.

Violin : Magical Bow app APK download from 9 app

If you like this app and want to play violin in real time to enjoy the experience of it then download it now by clicking on the header or footer options and install it directly from 9Apps through APK..