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viber 9apps
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Viber is a free chat and calling apps which can be instantly install in your smartphone. Almost 1 billions users are using Viva for communication through data, it allows you to text messaging, audio, video, file transfer and all are done with the highly secure encryption Technology so that whatever the message you are sending or receiving will be secure. The application is available on 9Apps, google Play Store and other top digital store company.

The application is completely free and available on almost all app store you only need internet connection in your phone to communicate, it work on 2G, 3G, wi-fi. Make your national as well as international call using this application today most of the user use this applications to communicate with their friends, family, colleagues, work and business purpose.

Is Viber the best messaging app ?

Yes! It work on end to end encrypted Technology so that you can synced you are messaging in your computer or mobile, what technology is so Robot that loss of data is very minimum, no hacking till dated, no virus found at the time of installation. As compared to other messaging Apps it is one of the secure and fastest way to communicate.

Features of viber

  • Free audio and video call: You can communicate with crystal clear while communicating via calls or video calls.viber must be installed at both and to communicate.
  • Low cost call: If you are calling to someone who don’t have fibre or you are calling online and then it charge only nominal amount for calling even you can call at affordable rate to International calls.
  • Free Messages sending message with the help of hyper does not charge any amount you can send even huge text there is no limit of text message sending. Bible is not about just sending text you can also send photos, audios, document file and other file.
  • Create group: If you want to communicate with multiple people at a time have options to create group so that you can invite the member to join the group and start communicate the with each other. The maximum size of group member is about 250 in each group.
  • Private chat and call: Bible use end-to-end encrypted technology so that no other users can access your chat and communication. When you send any message to recipient first of all encrypt your text and then go to recipient section and then decrease the file so there is no chance of leaking data at the time of transferring from one device to another device.

Download viber from 9apps

To download Viber you need to open 9app store here you have to write “viber” in textbox and then search it will show you Viber download links you have to click on the links to start downloading and installing in your smartphone.