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UC Browser sometime by mistake people type it as VC Browser it’s only a typing mistake otherwise both the name points to UC Browser. UC browser is basically a tool used to browse website with the help of internet. You can browse any types of files in Http, https, fTP, mail server and many more options.

Best browser

UC Browser has millions of customer within a year and is one of the most recommended browser worldwide. The browser is designed for tablet and PC but after the huge demand of browser for mobile users they have developed UC mini which is easily install in any mobile. It’s not a simple browser it contains lots of tool like voice search you can search information with the help of vice tool only you have to speech and the browser will show you the search result. Bookmark you can bookmark your favourite website with the help of this browser, protect your account with the help of Password Manager so that only you can access the browser which you want.

features of UC Browser

In-App Widgets: The application provide platform for different short programs to be integrated in web browsers so that users can use that tools to make their work much more easier and faster.

Cloud Technology: Whenever we use UC Browser to browse any website it at as a cloud server Technology so that whatever the website we are going to view must be downloaded in advance so that it can take very few second to upload in our client server.

Integrated download manager: The tool is used to manage multiple download with the help of UC Browser you can set up to 126 download with different folder at the same time.

How to download UC Browser?
To download UC Browser you need a a app store in your mobile so that you can easily install the application there are hundreds of apps store are present in the market like google Play Store, mI Store, samsung store, microsoft Windows store, and many more but among them 9Apps is one of the alternate option where you can get almost all the browsers apk, software and games application for free. Download UC Browser you need to install 9Apps in your Android mobile so that you can easily download UC Browser application.

What is 9Apps Store?

9Apps is basically a platform which used for downloading software, games, video and other multimedia content. It is similar to you Google Play Store. But the most interesting part of 9Apps is that almost all the applications from this Store can be download for free.