ummy video downloader for android

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ummy video downloader it’s safe and Secure application for downloading online video but this application does not provide download links for youtube as YouTube has rule celebration which prohibited of direct downloading. So if you are using this application then you are save as it provide you download option from those website who does not restrict for downloading. Most of the people download applications who are capable of downloading YouTube videos and other application but when they use the application consume all the editors and even hack the mobile and PC show to avoid this type of Cyber thread you need to solve only that application which provide secure download from the server.

The best part of this application is that it support almost all video formats such as flv, swf, mp4, asf, avi and other audio file format so if you are using this application then you can not only download the application but even you can watch all file format without installing other multimedia player.

How ummy works?
First you need to open website from where you have to download the video as for example social media website or tube website after that copy the URL of the video website and paste it to ummy search box then press enter it will Fetch the URL and provide you download links of that video, now choose the file format on which you want to download example MP3, MP4, etc. From the dropdown option button you have to select the file format and then press download button.

Where do I get ummy app for download?
To download this application you need to search it in 9Apps. It contain almost all the video download application so is easy to you to to search video downloader ummy with the help of 9Apps store.