UC mini app | Free Download install fast UC browser mini APK

UC mini app | Free Download install fast UC browser mini APK
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UC Mini App

Free download install UC Mini app latest version 2018


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UC mini appUC mini browser is the lightweight and tiny version of UC browser designed and developed by Chinese company UC web. It is a good alternative or substitute of UC browser and it is especially made for those handset which are having comparatively less storing capacity and due to which unable to download UC browser. Its mini size lets the user to download it in their low storage capacity or lightweight device because its mini size takes a very little space of storing capacity and accelerate or enhance the speed of current internet connection with duely saving the data. UC mini as you know is the lower or tiny version of UC web is quite resemble with it in terms of fully fledged features. The only major thing that distinguishes it from each other is the variation of both of them in size. It is a mini or tiny sized browsing software but still packed with great and stupendous features.

Features of UC Mini-

1. Tiny size- The smaller or mini size of UC mini is better suited to light weighted devices that help those less powerful mobile to browse the web and surf the internet with great speed.
2. Incognito Browsing- UC mini has a mode of Incognito Browsing that enable the user to browse in private without leaving any sort of trace so that no one comes to know for what you were browsing for.
3. Night mode facility- This is one of the most praising facility offered by the developers in which user get protected from any strain while reading anything or browsing in the dark or at night.
4. Controlling videos through Gestures- This is a distinct feature as there are different gesture commands through which you can adjust the volume of videos by increasing or decreasing.
5. Optimized layout- This mini browsing software is completely optimized as the web pages looks better on the small screens of mobile like devices.
6. Smart downloading- This browser, though small in size but still can download the multiple files like videos, games, apps, music etc at a single point of time with high speed as it offers an option to load several files at a time without worrying about network errors or breakage in networks because if due to any kind of distortion, your internet connection get disturb and downloading interrupted that the smart browser reconnects the downloading automatically from the break point and not from the initial point.
7. Navigation Cards- The main thing to note about this feature is it is available exclusively for India by the developers and it helps in getting customized and local news about several things like games, videos, sports etc.
8. Speedy- UC mini is basically known for its high speed and dependability. It allows you to browse and surf at a speed like thunderstorm.
9. Other miscellaneous features like QR code, cloud sharing, Text only mode, save page etc that help in making things more simpler and convenient while browsing.

Why UC mini-

Due to many good features, UC mini is not only a choice of lightweight mobiles but today it has numerous users worldwide who download it in their PC, laptop, tablet etc and avail the advantages of this mini and smooth browser. The people who are in search of a best browser for their device generally go witi UC mini as no other browser in the market has such great features in a tiny package and due to which people attracts towards UC mini as along with features it has great contribution in the field of browsing software because earlier those mobiles having low storing capacity were unable to find a suitable browser for their device and could not browse or surf fastly but with the introduction of this mini browser, every device that supports internet can easily download it and access the net with high speed with current internet package.
You can download UC mini by APK and also check for its latest version if you wish to avail its new and ameliorated features. The latest version 10.7.2 also can be installed by APK through our website. The latest version of this mini browser gives you a great experience of browsing and surfing in a tiny package. This version was recently updated in April, 2016 with the mini size of just 1.48 mega bytes which can be downloaded in a blink of an eye. The mini browser can be downloaded in minimum android version of 2.3+ Gingerbread, API 9.


Reviews and ratings of UC mini browser is far better than any other browser. People like it more than any ordinary browser because it can take only few seconds to download and consumes relatively a very little space. It is a strong competitor for other rival browsers and become one of the most downloaded app of browsing.