UC browser install download app APK – 2017

UC browser install download app APK – 2017
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UC browser install download app APK – 2017

Steps to block pop-ups ads in UC Browser

UC Browser is a most popular mobile browser with more than 400 million monthly active users worldwide. It is the most trusted web browser, but when you are watching a movie or going through some errands over the internet, and suddenly an ad pops up and acquires the entire screen, you feel irritated. But in the case of UC browser, the team keeps on working seamlessly to provide the user with best features,UC mini Browser so with , you can block both ads and pop-ups. This isn’t great news for the publishers because they cannot publish any ads which are the means of earning their livelihood.UC browser install download app APK - 2017

Why Ads and pop-ups can be harmful to your mobile device?

These are harmful because if by mistake you can click on them you are giving an invitation to malware and viruses which can damage your mobile device to its core. Sometimes while you are watching a movie, the ads will you force you to look at a video displayed, or it will force you to download an application. In many cases when an individual is reading an article very often an ad dialog box appears, and it won’t disappear until you stop what you are doing and close the dialog box.

How to block ads and pop-ups in UC Browser:

UC Browser is designed in such a way that it can block both ads and pop-ups. This is a straightforward procedure. One can change the settings after reading the steps given below-

Step 1. First, open UC Browser on your smartphone.

Step 2. Click on the quick menu on the bottom of the browser screen then click on settings icon.

Step 3. Find & Click on Ad block.