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In  funny  math  answer  we  will   learn  to solve  answers  in  tricky  method.

Students  will   gain  subject  knowledge  and can  also  Spend  their  in  practising the  quicker  method  joyfully .  In  the  funny   math,  students  can  also  learn  how to use the  different  tricks  in  different  TYPES   OF MATH  PROBLEMS.    LET   US FOLLOW SOME OF TRICKY AND QUICKER METHOD PROBLEMS in the following below.

For Example:

  1. A man spends 1/5 of his salasry on food. 1/10 of his salary on hosuse rent and 3/5 of his salary on He still has$ 18000 left  with him.

Find his salary .


The expenditure incurred on each item is expreesed as part of the total amount (salary) , so it an independant activity.

In general for indepentdant activities

[1-x1/y1+ x2/y2+x3/y3]* total amount= balance amount.

[1- (1/5 +1/10+3/5)]* total salary= $18000

Therefore total salary =$18000*10= $180000.

  1. A number when divided by 899 gives a remainder 63. What remainder will be obtained by dividing the same number by 29.


63/ 29

The remainder is 5.

  1. The Sum   of   two   number   is   75   and  their  difference  is   y.   Then      the   difference   of   their   squares   is  xy.

Here x=75 and y=20.


  1. two consecutive numbers are 8 and 9 . find the difference of their squares.


Two consecutive numbers  are X and Y , then the difference of their square is given by X+Y.

Here , x=8 and Y=9.


Therefore the required answer=17

These are the above funny math answers.

These tricks are very useful now a days for the candidate preparing for banking sector. Because time limit is there and you ought to solve  120 Questions in 120 min means for one question you should be able to give one minute of time. Therefore you should be already prepared for this and also you should expertise yourself on tricks taught by class teachers, many coaching centers prepare for tricky maths,

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