Thomas and Friends app install from 9app

Thomas and Friends app install from 9app
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Thomas and Friends app install from 9apps :

Thomas and Friends is a popular Android game app in which the player is required to race against other engines or select any two trains in order to run a race against his friend and compete with him. The players can also use the speed booster which is available in the app that will help them to race in a faster as well as smooth way and also enables them to win the trophy for a special delivery. To play the game, first of all you have to install it from the very popular and widely used Android app store 9Apps and by installing it, you can challenge your friend are other Thomas and Friends app install from 9appplayers and win the trophies.

Following are the main features of Thomas and friends, just have a look to play it in a better and wonderful way-

1- There are many funny characters available in the app which you need to portrait and some of the main characters are Thomas, Percy, James, Emily , Joby and many others.

2- You can switch to any of the player mode as there are total to play modes available name the one player or two player and by selecting the mode, you can challenge any of your friend.

3- In order to speed up your racing, you are provided with a green button in the game that you are required to tap.

4- With every time when you win, you are entitled to rewarded with a new Trophy that you can unlock easily.

5- There are different types of speed boosters which are used according to the need like Thomas Speed Booster accelerate the speed, Percy track jump booster helps in jumping in the air and then land smoothly on the land, James Turbo booster boost faster than any of the other engines.

6- From total 3D settings, the user can choose according to his choice from countryside to the castle and race accordingly.

7- Slide all the wishes together in order to complete your trophy and get the special rewards that will help you in unlocking different things in the game.

8- Each and every engine has its own significance and work very differently and the player is required to choose the particular engine very carefully and smartly.

Thomas and Friends game app APK from download 9apps

If you like this game app and wants to play the game now then first of all you have to download it by clicking on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from 9Apps through APK free of cost.