third party android app stores

App Store! When we talk about the word ‘App Store’, what comes to your mind immediately – Apple App Store or Google Play Store, 9apps? One of them, isn’t it?

And why not, these are two of the most popular app stores that are globally known as the largest distribution channels when it comes to mobile applications, so much so that they have become synonymous with ‘app store’. But what if we told you that there are many other app store options that you have not yet explored?

Since Android and iOS apps hold a very large chunk of the overall app users, the option of exploring more app stores has become vital for entrepreneurs, web/mobile app development companies and application developers in order to seek new avenues of growth.

These third party iOS app stores and third party Android app stores are great platforms to explore newly released mobile applications.

The main aim for curating this list of app stores for Android and iOS is to help app owners by providing them with an array of options to choose from, while saving them from high competition in Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

What are Alternative App Stores?
In this list, we will be mentioning a number of alternative Android app stores list and alternative app stores for iPhone as well. With the help of below-mentioned app stores, app developers will find it easy to achieve visibility for their mobile apps.

Google Play Store

Although not every alternative app store may provide you with a highly profitable revenue share model like the Play Store and App Store, they also have the capability to pay for a specific amount of app downloads.

This is a great option for an app developer who is looking forward to increasing the visibility of their iOS or Android applications in the app market.

Why Alternative App Stores Are Beneficial?
Alternative app stores can offer a number of benefits to mobile app owners and developers. Some of those widely observed advantages of alternative app stores for iOS and Android are mentioned below:

Quick Exposure
Better Customer Service
Fast App Submission Process
Effective Payment Procedure

Best 9apps App Stores

If we talk about the app stores for iPhones, a particular app store follows the closed app store ecosystem approach rather than an open model, which means that this moderated iOS app store mainly implies having only one particular application store for apps supported by Apple devices. Apart from the Apple app store, there are many other app stores for ios such as 9apps, GetJar, Appland etc..