The most popular applications for chatting on android

The most popular applications for chatting on android
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Chatting is the backbone of this generation. You can find everybody typing or reply on their mobiles, right? Well, indeed, chatting has made it really easy for everyone to stay connected and informed. But then if you feel that you don’t know about the best applications for your chatting endeavours then you are in the right place.

In this post, you would get to know about the most popular, safe and exciting chatting applications on android. The most amazing thing about these applications would be that you can get them without spending any penny. You can use them to stay connected with your loved ones that too ensuring that your data is secure and the chats are not getting leaked anywhere.


A simple set-up, automatic synchronization with the smartphone contacts, and a seasoned rich in features and free of advertisements make this platform an amazingly popular messaging app. The users can easily send text and other media files like pictures, videos, clips, sounds, voice notes, documents, and contacts.  The end-to-end encryption and also two-step verification makes this application absolutely safe for use. You can be sure that you stay safe when you use this application and get in touch with your own people. Moreover, the application also has features of last seen, status, online and so on.


It is a good mobile messaging app for the post-Snowden time. The telegram was specifically designed for the ones who know what it really means to save their digital ego. The application caters a quick and encrypted chat facility, with client-server encryption for pattern chats.  Moreover, the secret chat 9app option makes sure that nobody intrudes in your chats or nobody gets access to your conversations that you have with your loved ones. You can enjoy a great and friendly experience using this application.


Another amazing Asian project that has left its mark is known as the Japanese app Line. The application has more than six hundred million users all over the world. It’s firm point is a series of stickers that you can embed in your chats, apart from a timeline system similar to that of a social network. The application even supports group conversations and that of calls of till two hundred participants, as well as the feature of calling mobile and landline numbers with a special credit. Moreover, the platform also permits you to follow your favorite brands and personalities through the official channels so that you never miss an update about your preferences.

Facebook Messenger

It is a dedicated client that is grounded upon the current chat network, adding additional multimedia communication features. The users can access the application through Facebook and can also send others normal chat messages and voice, video messages and calls. You can also find a lite version for just Androids that cater a more streamlined experience that makes it a lot more affordable in terms of data usage. End-to-end encryption is just an option, but it still turns out to be manually activated for every single conversation by picking Secret Conversation in chat window once you are messaging a contact.

So, when you know about these four popular android applications now, go ahead and get these for free from 9apps play store.