Sweet Candy Fever game app install from 9apps APK store

Sweet Candy Fever game app install from 9apps APK store
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Sweet Candy Fever game app download install from 9apps :

Sweet Candy Fever is an addictive and very interesting candy game which is offered to the users of Android free of cost and the player is only required to swap, match and collect as many candies as possible in the game in order to win. The game can be installed without paying a single penny from 9Apps store, which is a tiny sized yet a powerful app store from where you can get all your favourite apps easily and very conveniently.  In this magical and sweet Candy world, you will find several delicious and fantastically amazing candies everywhere including cherry pea, Sweet Candy Fever game app install from 9apps APK storepeppermint, banana heart, blue bonbon, violet candy etc. In order to win and solve all the puzzles, you just have to swap, swipe and match 3 or more than 3 magic candies and try your best to escape to this magic Candy Paradise.

Following are the main features of sweet Candy fever, just have a look in order to play it in a better way and master all the levels-

1- There are many addictive and irresistible match three levels which you need to play and solve the puzzles in order to reach to the higher ones.

2- The players can also unlock delightful Candy maps that are available in the app like sweet Valley, sugar shell Bakery, chocolate Cottage and much more. By unlocking all these maps, you can play the game in a better and fun way.

3- There are a total of 144 candy levels offered in the game app ranging from easy to hard or challenging ones. Each level comes in a great and unique manner and you have to make different different strategies to solve the same.

4- While playing the game, you will find many obstacles on your way and you have to avoid all those hurdles to get what you want and match all the candies as per the instructions of a particular level. All such levels are very challenging but fun obstacles make it more interesting and exciting.

5- Leaderboards are also available which you can use to know the position of your rivals in the game and it also keep you updated with the top scorers or leaders.

6- With the high quality visuals and stunning special effects, the players get addicted to the game and enjoy the experience of playing a common but very unique candy game the day have ever experienced.

7- For the hard or difficult levels, you can also get different types of props and power ups that will help you in solving those challenging levels.

Sweet Candy fever game app APK from download 9apps

If you like candy game and wants to play it now then first of all you have to download it from 9apps store by clicking on the header or footer options and after doing so, you can enjoy it free of cost anytime and anywhere while downloading it directly through APK.