Super cleaner app APK free download for Android – 2017

Super cleaner app APK free download for Android – 2017
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Super cleaner app download from 9apps :

Phone speed is one of the most stupendous and useful power booster app which is offered free of cost and available in the 9apps store show the registered users of the app store can easily install it in the device and enjoy its long lasting features. This  lightweight app is basically used to clean up and manage your device as it enable the users to boost up or accelerate the speed by removing all the redundant background tasks which unnecessarily heats up the device. By switching to this app, the registered users can not only speed up the performance of their device but also optimize the home screen of their device in just a single click.

Super cleaner app APK free download for Android - 2017

Following are the main features of phone boost, just have a look-

1- It is one of the which not only accelerate the speed of your device but also free up the memory and so you can use all the apps without worrying about the cache files.

2- It is very easy to use as the user is only required to click at once in order to clean all the junk files and give a complete protection to his device.

3- This app smartly analyse and remove all the junk files which take up the memory and storage space of your device.

4- This all rounder and multipurpose app also helps the user to clean residual cache system files which is often left by uninstalled apps.

5- It also works at the battery saver by analysing the status of your battery and hibernate the running apps to save more power and allow the users to stop those apps which unnecessarily waste lots of power in order to extend battery life and that’s too, in just a single click.

6- By switching to this app, the users get rid of annoying notifications as in this app, there is a feature of quiet notifications.

7- Super cleaner app lock is another important feature of phone speed app with the help of which, the users can add an extra password protection to the sensitive apps and data.

Phone speed App APK download 2017-

If you wants to improve the performance of your device and accelerate its speed then this app is perfect for you and you should download it now by clicking on the header or footer options and install it directly from download 9apps through APK..