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Updated : November, 2016

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Health insurance can simply be defined as the effecting of contracts which provide for sickness benefits or medical, surgical or hospital expenses benefits, whether in-patient or out-patent, travel cover and personal accident cover as per insurance Act, 1938.

Good healthcare is a human right. Everyone is interested in ensuring accessibility and affordability of healthcare.  Healthcare in India has assumed great important in recent times. Increased income, health consciousness, price liberalization and the introduction of private healthcare financing in bringing the change.

With the rise in lifestyle diseases, especially in urban Inda, the need for an effective health insurance is increasingly becoming important as being sick or meeting with an accident can cause considerable financial setback. Though hospitals are providing latest medical facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, patients are also charged high amounts, accordingly.

While the well-to-do segment of the population may have more accessibility and affordability towards good health care, the rising costs of medical treatment are beyond the reach of the common man.

Health insurance is the tool that can help in such circumstances. Health insurance is fast emerging as an alternate source for financing health care costs. Absence of health insurance can result in high medical bills in the event of hospitalization due to illness or injury. Therefore, it has become an important financial tool. After all, health is wealth!

Inpatient: insured who undergoes treatment after getting admitted in the hospital.

Outpatient: Insured who undergoes treatment without getting admission / staying in the hospital.

Day care center: with the advancement of technology and medical science many complicated surgical procedures have been simplified and do not require more than a days’s stay in the hospital or less than 24 hours at times; for e.g., lithotripsy, cataract etc. the centre where such procedures are carried out is known as day care centre.

Identity card and smart card

To avail the benefit of cashless facility, insurers issue an identification card to the insured within 15 days for the date of issue of a policy, either through a TPA or directly.

The identification card normally, carries details of the policyholder and the logo of the insurer.

The validity of the card coincides with the term of the policy and would be renewed from time to time. Insurers may issue a smart card instead of an identity card.

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