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Socratic is a powerful and very useful Android app which is available free of cost in which the users can easily get all the answers of their homework questions conveniently as well as instantly. This app is available free of cost and can be downloaded from 9apps Store. In order to use this app, all you have to do is just take a picture of the homework and get instant answers of the same. There are different ways to get the answers of all your questions like maths Socratic app download install free APKsteps, videos and more. It supports many subjects including Maths, Science, History, English, Economics and more. The best thing in this app is that the user is not even required to pay a single penny as it is free of charge and even there are no in-app purchases and this is considered as one of the big reason why so many people trust on it and use it in order to get the answers of the homework questions. All the answers you will get here are accurate and reliable so you can easily get to know about everything you are looking for, in an instant.

Below mentioned are some of the major features of Socratic which describes its highlights, just put a glance-

1- This awesome app not only works smartly but fastly as well so that the users need not to wait and get the answers of his questions instantly with out waiting by just taking a picture of the work.

2- It is regarded as a better and much powerful tool for studying than Google due to several useful features which you will never find anywhere else.

3- The Artificial Intelligence of this app smartly figures out the concepts which you need to learn so you can answer it in an appropriate manner.

4- The team of educators in socratic is very visual and appealing which will teach you every important curriculum concept and enables you to get the best online videos from good sources.

5- It has world class math solver which allows the students to get step by step answers of every questions in order to solve the individual equation with great ease and comfort.

6- the help of this app, you will see a huge improvement in the students when they learn their subjects and sort out their queries on the Internet whether doing homework for Biology, history, algebra, chemistry or any other subject which they needs to learn better and faster.

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If you find this app useful then download it now as it is available for the users free of cost and they are not required to even pay a single penny to get it installed in their device concerned. To download it now, just click on the header or footer options and 9apps download directly from APK to get the answers of your homework questions and ameliorate your study skills by learning the things on Internet directly through this app..