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sms-hub-downloadThe SMS Hub is an app and the utility of this is fairly clear from the name itself. It is a bulk SMS repository which has apps for every occasion. It is an offline app and it can send a message for every occasion.

The benefit is that one does not need to now go around trying to create the right type of sentence for the occasion. This can be very tedious an especially for those who are slightly weak on the vocabulary front. One wrong word or punctuation and the entire line and even the very meaning can sometimes go for a toss. The other option is to go on some websites   which have the special occasion quotes and then type it in the mobile. That is also tedious.

So the best option is to have a database of SMS for every occasion whether it is an anniversary, birthday, festivals, general joke and funny quips. There is no shortage of messages here. The encouraging part is that new topics are added over a period of time according to the trend and popularity. There are more than 1, 00,000 SMS in the app and it keeps on increasing. Some of the categories which the app has include love, friendship, funny, flirt, Christmas, New Year, naughty, pick-up lines, rude and many more. Go and select for each occasion and send them to your near and dear ones.

 The exciting features of SMS Hub –

  1. The best feature is that SMS Hub is an offline app and hence user does not need any internet. They can simply search for the SMS from the desired category and forward it.
  2. A very huge collection of SMS for each and every occasion whether it be festivals or anniversaries or light occasions and events or politics, or general jokes.
  3. New topics keep on getting added. These are sometimes country specific or international or regional. It is all according to the trend or popularity.
  4. The users can send messages to their friends and relatives through Whatssapp, Facebook, Instagram.
  5. Very quick and easy navigation
  6. The message can be searched through a word as well and its related collection. So if somebody does not know the occasion and wants an SMS on “climate”, they can just type the word and get of host of SMS options on “climate”.
  7. The user can have SMS back up done to the SD card.
  8. The collection is available in multiple Indian languages for topics like romance, new love, festivals of different regions, religious festivals, mothers and father’s day, valentines anniversaries.
  9. A special mention of the “Shaayari” category which has almost 3000 SMS on Urdu and Hindi “ Shaayari”. The user can choose whichever they like and forward it.
  10. A large collection of teen love and joke and friendship collection especially for the college going crowd since they are maximum users of this App

Download the app from 9app website –

This free APK app is one of the best for funny and light jokes. It can be downloaded from the 9Apps website in a few minutes. Have some relaxed moments once the app is on your mobile.