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Download app from 9apps is a popular massively multiplayer browser smash  hit game developed by Steve Howse in March, 2016 .It is available on browser , iOS and android to play .You can play with millions of player worldwide and try to become the longest  while playing  the colourful snake game .The game is  very simple  but competitive. If your head touches another player you will explode and the game will get over. But if others  run into you then, they will explode and you can eat their remains as snake. In your winning chances increases if you are tiny . You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are .


You have to control a move a snake in a dark space along with other snakes .You can consume other snakes app, app download to grow the biggest  and longest. If you collide with other snake you will lose and game over .Your dead remains will be consumed as food by rest of the competing players as snakes .

You can press the space bar or click the mouse to activate the boost mode which causes the avatar i.e snake to boost up .When  you use boost up mode, your snake’s mass decreases slightly and it shrinks .There is a border to confine the movement of avatars and collision on borders also ends the game .A good strategy to consume avatars is by coiling and trapping the enemies avatars .

The updated version of this game gives you a wide variety of snake skin to choose from and customize your own snake with colours and unique designs .To unlock custom skins , players must share the game on twitter or facebook using external links .

The game uses websockets to communicate with the server , a low latency protocol codified in the HTML5 standard .

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To compete worldwide with this game , you can download the game from our website through APK by clicking on its header or footer options and enjoy playing online .