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Rate this post app, app is a video game released in March 2016 and developed by Steve House. This app runs of Android and IOS. The app versions were released almost the same time along with the web interface version. This video game has taken its inspiration from the 1976 classic snake video game model. In the Slither game app, the players control the worm like model on the screen. This consumes a number of pellets from other players and from the worms that spawn on the screen. The worm which becomes longest through the maximum consumption of pellet, wins the game. The worm or the snake is also called as Avtaar in this game.

The “other players” as mentioned above, means that is a multi-player game. Many players jointly come to play. In fact Slither is a Massively Multiplayer Game wherein hundreds and even thousands of players come together to make their individual scores. It runs on an open world and players from different locations are free to come, explore and play. Open games gives an opportunity to all to develop their skills and gaming abilities. These plays have no end. Every player tries to score their best during that particular session of play. It is played on video game console and smartphones of different types. The first version release of Slither could support 500 players. Now, it is much more than that.

Upon its release, the overall worldwide reception was good. It also received positive reviews from third party gaming and tech publications. Two of the most recognized sites, i.e. Pocket Gamer and Gazembo gave it a good feedback and rated it well. The former called it as a compulsive experience while Gazembo rated it much above its predecessor The game saw its maximum popularity in USA, Canada and UK. Much of it was on account of the memory revival of classic era video game. Till date about 68 million app versions have been downloaded in the smart phones across the world. In the year of its release, it was one of the most searched video game sites on Google.

Features of the app and tips on how to play the game –

  1. The player has to move their worm within the precincts of a dark space along with others. If they are able to consume the other worms then, the worm of the player gets more point. If they happen to collide with a counterpart then it dies on the spot and the game is over.
  2. The best way to consume other worms of Avtaars is by coiling and trapping them.
  3. The space bar can be used to activate the boost mode. The boost mode reduces the size of the worm and shrinks it a little. This makes it less vulnerable to collisions.
  4.  The updates version has got new varieties to select, like the type of skin. It can also unlock new designs.
  5. Since it is massively multi player video game, the players are spread over and they have to access the server. Slither uses the webstock protocol to communicate with the server.

 9App site –

Download the Slither. io from the 9Apps site and have a great gaming experience.