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Developed by: Skype
Windows version:
Latest update : September 2018
Device : Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox, Wearables
Authors: Priit Kasesalu, Jaan Tallinn

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This is a free mobile app used for video chat and free voice calling services ,users can also send images ,text ,documents , etc through this app .They can send both video and text messages to other users also.It also offers a unique feature of video conferencing and is available in almost all operating systems like IOS,Windows,Android,Blackberry etc .It was launched in August ,2003 by Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn .It is a free service which only uses your data connection to run ,you can connect to people worldwide through this amazing app. This app is being used by many professionals these days specially teachers and students, who need to cross the global boundaries ,even classes are being help through this amazing app where teachers from across the world give lectures to all the interested students.There are around 660 million active users of this app every month according to a report published in 2015.
Skype allows users to communicate over the Internet through voice using a microphone,by video using a webcam,and by instant messaging also.Skype to Skype calls to other users are free of charge.Apart from all these there are many other features of this app which are as follows-


skype-apk-appVideo Calling-this is the key feature and the core reason for which this app was launched,in a world where global boundaries would not exist while talking to ur near and dear ones was one of the motives of this app.
Free Voice Calling-not only this app provides an opportunity to video call people but also doesn’t lacks the imports of voice calls as they say communication is the key of any relationship.
Skype Credit-this is a wallet kind of a thing introduced by Skype so that people who are not using this app can also be connected to its users ,it’s like a balance which allows you to call landline numbers as well as people who are not using this app by this super amazing feature.
Skype Directory-this keeps a record of all your contacts who are using this app and also those who are not.It is a type of your contact list available in this app itself so you don’t need to log out to call the users everything is there at your finger tips.
Conference Video Calls-you can share your screen space with up to 25 people at the same time,this is the most unique feature offered.
Call Emergency numbers-you can call the emergency numbers like 100 in India so that if there is a emergency situation you don’t have to think twice and can be rescued at the right time.

Skype app APK Download-

This is the most amazing app to try .As it is a saying that Communication is the key to any relationship then hu to sacrifice on just those traditional voice calls when you can talk face to face to people who are even away from you .Dont waste time and download this app from our APK download link as soon as possible ,because you wasting time in thinking can cost you to miss some really good moments of your life so don’t think and download it now from our APK Download link on 9apps ..