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sky garden app, sky garden app downloadThis is an addictive farm game app and it can keep the user engrossed for long. As the very name itself specifies, it’s all about farming and earning points. Become virtual gardener and grow your own farms. This game is highly popular and in 2017 was adjudged as top of the chart games in the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) awards.

Start playing the game and you will understand that it’s really fun to be a fantasy gardener by seeding and then growing variety of plants and flowers on different types of pots and shovels. The best part is that, all of this is done on the cloud. Hence the name sky garden farm.

This is indeed a great adventure to play and some real time fun with digital gardening at the sky.

The app can be installed free in both the Android and IOS. There are some features that require payment. Current Version is 1.05.38021 and the latest update has been done on April 2018.

Why the garden in the sky and what is the story behind it?

There were two good friends known as Red and Jack and they had their own garden in which they were growing flowers. The wolf in the neighbourhood tried to steal these flowers but got caught by these friends. They wolf wanted to get away and so he offered some magic beans and options to Red and Jack. These good friends, through it, they grew a giant beanstalk right into the sky.  Vow! From then on, they started their sky gardening adventure with their shovel.

Features of the app –

  1. There are lots of plants that can be grown on the sky and an equal variety of fruits like watermelon, lemon, grape strawberry, banana, orange, apple pineapple. Now move over to vegetables and there are potatoes, Kiwis, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal. There is also a long list of flowers like lavender, sunflower, rose, lotus, daisy etc. There are some special home products to be grown like ginger, snowflake, tea, gold, hay bubble.
  2. There are many pots to use in the garden. These are beautiful and can be upgraded to a new type. This can also be exchanged with neighbours in the township market.
  3. With the help of these, create products like juices and fabrics through bug machines and then start selling them is various towns. To help is the owl birds and the king’s royal wagon.
  4. In this game, you can become a trader and farmer at the same time. Start exchanging the plants, flowers, juices with others through the farmers markets and in house shops.
  5. There are moles in the game and it helps to find many of the lost treasures.
  6. Using the social media, start playing with different people around the world. This is the guild.

Download –

So many interesting features about this app   and then why the delay?

Get it installed right now from the best one of the biggest app sites in the world – 9apps.

Just a matter of time and have it in your Android device.