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The Scribd is a free app through which many eBooks on different topics and subjects can be downloaded from the internet.  These books can be browsed and then used for later offline reading. The app is developed by the company Scribd Inc. They have many thousands of titles of different varieties and subjects in their their book list.  Almost about 7, 00,000 books from round about 900 publishers. Almost every genre of books is covered here. The reader addicts of the world will never get disappointed here when searching for a book of their choice.

There are old classics and the very latest releases. There are books about various types of subjects ranging from science to maths to politics, management and economics. There is serious reading as well as light reading for people of different ages and genders.

It is not just that. For those who want to know and get some suggestions for certain worthwhile reading, there is the editorial division that guides according to personalized suggestions based on user likes. There are reviews from subject masters and other known writers. The Scribd  is perfectly integrated into all types of mobile platforms like Android and IOS. The current running version of this app is 3, 8.0.

Reading is an addiction and the only addiction that gives never ending benefits of mental and knowledge based enhancements. The books are the best companions of every human being and apps like these are the best ways to increase a person’s skills and knowledge.

Note – The app free version is for a period of 30 days. Once it is liked, then for a nominal price it can be purchased and it gives unlimited access to all the books in the Scribd database.

Features of the Scribd App –

  1. It is not just eBooks reading that is possible on this app but there are also audio books of various types. There is a narration speed feature that helps in controlling the listening speed of audio books. It also has sleep timer functionality. All audio books can be downloaded and saved for later offline viewing. (Note – the narration speed is only in Android version 6.0 and above).
  2. The Scribd has the Epub document reader for the eBooks in its repository.  It is possible to save every eBook online for future reading. It can be printed as well.
  3. Breaks are obviously required when reading. The apps does just exactly that, through its bookmarks and annotations.
  4. There are also other features by which the print size can be changed along with different fonts and backgrounds. The page flipping can be done in the horizontal or vertical manner. All these features give the exact comfort of reading an actual book.
  5. Once the version has been purchased, it is possible to sync the information from Scribd across various other devices.
  6. The purchased version also gives free and unlimited viewing rights to the articles in several top notch publications like New York Times, Blomberg etc.

Download from 9Apps

This is a great reading app and downloads the free and paid version from the 9Apps site the Android smart phone.