Science game for kids, download from 9apps

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Science game for kids to make your kids active and knowledgeable with fun. Science game for kids was developed by online science lab keeping in mind that most of the kids today are busy with mobiles so if you talk wasting their times in mobile it’s better to have science online lab for kids so that they can use their skill.

Why use science game?

Science game is based on basic principle of science so that they can play games and win the game.

Why its fun?

The players try different moves and concepts to solve then adventure so it’s totally of fun.

Science game free?

Yes science camp is totally free and available in online media vrf stores are found as example Google Play Store 9Apps etc.

Is there any questions and answer related to subject in Science game?

Yes there are basic question based on the classes below are few questions which is for example for the kids of class

Why do we need a house?

We need a house to live in. It protect us from heat, cold, rain, wind animals and thieves.

Why do we need cloth?

We need clothes to cover our body and protect ourselves from heat cold wind and rain.

how do we get cotton for making cloth?

We get cotton from cotton plants for making cloth.

Why do we wear cotton clothes in summer season?

We wear cotton clothes in summer season because it absorbs our sweat and keep us cool.

is this games take huge space?

No this game take few memory space in your mobile hard disk so don’t need to worry about that it’s completely online.

Free games

Below are few games with a free Word Search game, animals and their babies name, planet life cycle, growing vegetables,  grow a plant, plant life cycle, snakes, crocodile, turtle, flying mammals, cat family, dog family,  sense organ, vegetables and fruits, body parts, human face,  hands and legs, colour vegetables and fruits, find the fruits, spell the fruit, match the vegetable,  farm animals, wild animals, dinosaurs,  butterfly life cycle, frog life cycle, solar system, and so on you really enjoy this free game in your mobile. Not only kids but it’s good for elder one also to have learn with fun.

Grade game

IIT games divided into label the kids has to win all the label step by step so that kids can learn the appropriate question and answe with the Green Label,.

 Game with classes:

Games can be revised as per the classes also games are divided into 0 class to 10th class. So you have options to choose your kids game as per the classes if your kids in class 3 you can go for category class 3.

How to download science game?

Science game is totally free you need a platform to download this application in your mobile for that you have to fast download 9Apps in your mobile applications after downloading and apps you have to search “9Apps science game” you will get a list of Sachin related to the games you have to choose as per your preference and start downloading games in your mobile.

What is 9apps?

9APPS is a platform for applications, games, themes, wallpaper, videos, stickers, ringtone, audios it means you can download all the online applications and products from 9Apps for free. You have the options to choose applications on basis of categories, business, news, map, location, lifestyle, entertainment, photography, shopping, health, Social, awareness, sports, beauty, audio-video Finance every application in one stop shop.