QR and barcode scanner | Free download QR & barcode scanner app APK for android

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From the name itself, the usage of the app is very clear. This app scans the barcode present on the products and other commodities available at retail outlets. Through the data register in the app, the details of all commodities can be known by the user in a matter of minutes. By scanning the barcode present in the app, all the details about the product can be derived. The barcode is the first part of it. There is also an inbuilt scanner in the app and this helps the user to scan and save all their documents. It can be used for a later stage for any print outs or for any references.

So, it’s a dual utility app and very much efficient in its way of working and giving many benefits to the users. The app works on Android and IOS. The minimum requirement   for iPhone is IOS 9.0 and for Android it is varies according to the device. There has been almost 6 million downloads of the app. This app is absolutely free.

It is very easy to use this QR barcode scanner and code reader. Just point to the QR and take the photo through the mobile device.   From here, the app will do the rest. It will detect it and scan it.  It is all about taking photos and then zooming it.

Features –

  1. This barcode scanner and QR reader can read and detect all types of barcodes like text, ISBN bar code scanner, text, URL, contact etc.
  2. Subsequent to scanning of all the formats, the user is presented with the required QR or barcode options and they can make the right selection according to the same.
  3. Not just the latest, but the app can read the good old legacy barcodes in the products of many retail outlets and super markets. It has so happened that sometimes even when the machine in the super market itself has failed to detect it, this app has read it properly.
  4. By scanning the bar code and QR prices through this app, the user can compare the prices online and get the best deals. This is a good form of money savings.
  5. The app has the feature of the Digi Marc Barcode. This is special type of Barcode that is of use in certain specialized types of products. It is also used in tool, wherein the information is not known traditionally. This app helps here also.
  6. Through the help of the QR and barcode scanner app, the DW codes can also be read. Sometimes even professional bill machines fail to read the DW codes but this particular app has been able to do so.

Download from the 9apps Site –

The barcode app latest version can be downloaded from the 9apps site.