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Practo app download install from 9apps store :

Practo is a popular Healthcare Android app which is offered to the users free of cost where they can make the bookings of Doctor appointments, consult online, order medicines, store health records and more. With the help of this amazing app which you can download from 9App Store without paying a single penny, you can stay healthy and get appointments for your check ups by the doctors without going anywhere as it connects you with everything that you need to take care of yourself and your near and dear ones. It includes many things like booking doctor Practo app download install from 9appappointments, online consultation from the doctor regarding your concern, ordering medicines online, detailed records of medical and others new and useful ways from which you can learn how to stay healthy with free health tips.

Take a look on the things which are mentioned below as it gives you a better understanding to stay healthy with the help of this app-

1- Book the appointment with the doctor easily and instantly without going anywhere directly from this app. All you have to do is just select your real time location and through the doctor, that’s it. In addition to this, the users are also provided with the facility to read the feedback from the patients of the same doctor before confirming your appointment.

2- The registered users of this app are allowed to set the reminders to take the medicine in due time and take proper care of themselves and their near ones. These reminders can also be set automatically if the doctor you have consult, shares a digital prescription with you.

3- Online consultation with the doctor is also possible through this app and it is very convenient for those people who are very busy at their work and do not have time to get the medical opinion from the doctor.

4- You can even upload your medical records on this app in order to keep them safe, secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

5- When anyone has complete and detailed digital medical records, it will help them a lot in getting an accurate diagnosis.

6- In order of medicines can also be given from the app so you can get fast and quick delivery at your doorstep. Not only this, you can also reorder the medicines automatically before the old stock runs out.

Practo app APK from download 9apps

Download this awesome app in your android mobile phone now by clicking on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from 9Apps through APK which is the very unique way to stay healthy and get all the medical treatments anytime and anywhere on the move with this app.