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Portal Quest game app APK install from 9apps :

Portal Quest is a top rated and very popular RPG mobile game which is installed by millions of people around the world amazing features and great addiction. The game is available free of cost and any Android user can download it from 9App without paying a single penny. In the gameplay, the player is required to collect and motivate his team as a leader for the battle to protect against a corrupt force. The games becomes much more interesting to play when you upgrade your weapons in order to stop the enemies and hold the hollow back to defeat them for good reason.

Features-Portal Quest game app install from 9apps APK store
Just put a glance on some of the key points which are described below to know the main features of this app-

1- In the battle game, to succeed in the long run you have to on gear, experience and shards. You also required to upgrade your heroes in order to prepare them for the battle with the enemies.

2- There are more than 20 unique heroes that you can collect and upgrade in order to build up a full and motivated team.

3- The players can play the game in different modes as there are terms of challenging modes available in the game that you can switch to according to your choice and preference and play the game accordingly.

4- Each hero in the game has its own strength and weaknesses and you have to choose your heroes very wisely and carefully so they can perform the task and win the battle against the enemies. For this, you have to make a plan strategically to use the heroes in the right way so you will end up on top position.

5- There are several features that are added in the game to make it more interesting and addictive. In addition to this, there are some existing features that get ameliorated with every update show the users get smoother and better experience of battle game.

6- This game is completely free of cost to download as well as to play and the player is not even required to pay of single coin to enjoy the experience of playing this battle game defeating the enemies in a unique way.

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