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piano tiles 2 app, piano tiles 2 app downloadThe Piano tiles is a single player mobile app game that was launched in the year 2014  through Video games developer Umoni studio and creator of the same was Hu Wn Zeng. Upon its release, it was the most popular game for the year for both the Android and IOS version.  A funny aspect about the game was that it had different names in both versions!

Because of the popularity of the game, the sequel Piano Tiles 2 was launched in 2015, i.e. in the following year.

The game is very simple and played on the following manner.

There will be white and black tiles appearing from the top of the screen device. The player has to tap the black tiles and each time a black tile is tapped, a piano sound comes out. These are different and well known piano compositions. The player has to keep on increasing the score through tapping of the black tiles. Once they type the white tiles, an off tune will come. This means, they are switched off from the game and have lost it.

The tunes of the Piano Tiles 2 has got many famous compositions like Forest of blocks and CongFei  Wei.

The game contains six modes and each mode is differentiated through the number of tiles or the time limit or the varying degrees of tiles that has to be tackled. The last tile for example is known as the Arcade mode and it offers many complex challenges over each tile and different types of tiles. This is very challenging as compared to the first mode known as Classic mode.

Upon its release, the Piano Tiles 2 was a bigger hit than the first version on IOS, Android and also the Windows. In the year 2016, it was the number one downloaded game in almost all countries of the world according to third party sites. In the year of its release, Google play awarded it as the best game of the year. The most reputed online games tech web site, Pocketgmer also complimented the Piano Tiles 2 for creating it as a sensational Piano playing game.

Run down features of the game –

  1. The game has an entertaining user Interface and very simple graphics. The background rhythm music provides the necessary thrills and upbeat to play the game.
  2. A good and testing game about the hand speed limit but at the same time very easy to play
  3. The version 2 contains the best of the classical and folk music tunes like Jingle bells, six moments musicaux, and the immortal Mozart’s Eine Kliene Nachtmusik. There are also present day hits like Alone by Alan Walker , Despacito by Lois Foncy and Shape of You released by Ed Sheeran.
  4. Some of the tunes have become hit on the YouTube site as well like the Shape of you.
  5. Every time a good score can be shard over the social media with friends and relatives and comparisons can be done with other big time scorers.

Download from 9App –

This game certainly demands a place on the smart phone device  and download  it right now from the 9Apps site.