Photo suit | Free download photo suit app APK for android

Photo suit | Free download photo suit app APK for android
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Dress makes the complete man. It is very important to give proper attention to the dress and the attire. In a world having extreme career orientation, it is necessary to have a total professional outlook in terms of the dressing sense.

The right suit for the right occasion – This carries a different impression altogether.

All of us prefer to go to the shop and make the selection and if possible try the dress once before purchasing. In spite of many e-commerce apparel and suiting sites coming, there are still a good amount of people going to the retail shop and buying. This is because dress always needs to be compared to the suitability of the face and the body and then purchased.

Now is this process is eliminated, i.e. seeing how the suit looks on the person. After this, selection and buying of clothes becomes very easy. People need not spend so much time trying to make the right selection. A lot of time is saved and saving time is saving money.

The Photo edit app helps in trying out the various suit combinations over self and it gives an idea of how the person will look if a particular suit or attire is used by him. As the name says, it is an editing app and here the person can take a picture of himself with normal casual home clothes. They can then try out the different clothing combinations on their clicked pictures.

Apart from helping them to make selection, it also is a fun app. The users can make different pictures combined with different types of suits and save them or share them with friends and social circle members.

This is a totally free app and works on both Android and IOS platforms. It is actually a fun app that can serve a utility purpose also. The app has almost 7 million installs till date which points out to its popularity.

Features of the Pho Edit app –

  1. There are 20 different suites through which the user can try out their different styles. This gives them wide ranging options. Don’t like one. No, problem, there is more.
  2. The app gives different types of filters and these can be used to edit the pictures in order to make it suitable according to your looks and style.
  3. After creating the photos, then save or share as you like on the different social media sites. Another option would be rush to your favourite retail outlet and see if that particular combination is there.

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Take this opportunity to give good looks to yourself and who knows? This can even give you that lucky break in your career!

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