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a-deeper-look-at-outlook-for-ios-android-8Outlook is a mail tool of Microsoft and it helps to send, store, and synchronize all mails of the user. The outlook mobile app is personal manger of all important information on the mail at any point in the device. It is a repository for storage at a single point and from here everything can be accessed on an easy mode. The app will sort everything and the user does not have to take any major headaches to operate it since it is very user friendly. There are so many features that it is almost a veritable personal dairy. This includes email calendar, tasks, reminder, meeting schedules, file storage, cloud, office 365, and exchange … etc. and many other features. The app is compatible on Android and IOS phones.

It is very common to see office executives having Outlook on their smartphones these days. It helps to manage their daily tasks and activities. When on the move, they can email to their bosses or colleagues, work on their documents and upload it on the cloud. This is a really useful app and it is set for large scale use by the corporate professionals.

This is how the screen of outlook will typically look like.


Let us understand some of the feature and facilities of the Microsoft’s outlook. It may not be possible to cover all as there are too many tools and features in this app.

Share point – This is a document management and collaborative platform tool. This helps organizations to archive documents, reports and all other forms of storage content that is necessary to the business management of the company. It is industry and domain agnostic and runs on the concept of enterprise content management. It is common to see organizations use Share Point once their size and operations start to increase.

Bill pay reminders – In its 2018 updates, outlook has added bill payment reminder as one of the events for users to track and monitor. This is very similar to a frequent travel reservation. Every time user receives bill on their email, outlook will integrate a calendar event on the date and set a reminder for the user at least 2 days before the due date.

Organization directory details – This outlook features adds organization directory to the user details as a contact information. It helps the user in tracking the details and in understanding – “who’s who in the company”. In case, the company data is connected to the Microsoft cloud known Azure, then it is also possible to see to whom your contacts report to and the chain of command.

Contact manager – This is a form of personal dairy on the email. It helps to manage the multiple contacts that are met daily. This is especially useful for field sales and marketing managers who meet new people on a daily basis.  It may not be possible to store in a diary or even on the mobile phone at all times and hence the contact manger.

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