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9Apps is the alternative application for the users of android moblies. In which you can download anything which you want in a second and without any cost. It doesn’t take much time for downloading anything for your android. It is the best application for the users of android. 9App doesn’t require  much space for your system. So the installation is finished in blink of an eye. It is a small application. And runs very smoothly. 9App is the free appstore where you can download apps for your android device. It is the quick and easy application and allows you to find interesting applications for your android world in your pocket 9apps download free

There are many features of 9Apps

Secure download : It checks all the files while uploading applications in server. So that all the software should be virus free and while downloading in our device no any virus attack accure.

Take low space in memory : 9App doesn’t acquire large or much space for your system. It takes very low space to download anything. And allows you to search anything whatever your mind wants to search or download.

Take few seconds in installation : 9Apps really takes a few seconds to download any thing. You can firstly go to the searchbar and than you can download it in a few second.

Download HD files: Here you can download the new and latest HD Wallpapers, music, videos, movies whatever you want to download you can. It is secure. So there is no any tension for such things.

Wallpapers: Here you can see the latest wallpapers and download it for your android device.

Software for free: There are lots of applications they charge huge amount to use in mobile or laptop, but if you use 9App you can download it free.


It is the safe app and checked before downloading the applications. It takes very low space. It is a virus free application also, so you can download it without any tension.