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There is online courses app and these have helped many people to carry on with their education and higher studies by giving them flexible timings.

Earlier there was always the restriction of fixed class timings in colleges and universities. Then comes the concept of part time or weekend classes to help the working people. Things took different turn altogether with the advent of the online education industry. Here, timings were not at all constraint and people could study according to their work and other home schedule convenience. Now, through the various educational apps, it is in fact, a progress of one more step. People can study while on the go.

The Coursera app gives the user access to about 2000 different types of courses and qualifications. This is a learning platform that was launched by Stanford University professors Daphne Koller and Andrew NG. The Coursera is based on the concept of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Here there is constant interaction with online community member like other students, teachers, academicians and training assistants. The queries, clarification and knowledge is only shared. There is no restriction to the number of people joining. In addition, there are the traditional aspects like course material, class room online sessions, and books and related.

The Coursera was launched in 2012 and since then, it has tied up with many universities and governments across the world to offer their online courses.  All these courses are customized and will have shorter duration as compared to normal college courses. Learning is imparted via video lectures, online sessions and exams. After successful passing of the exams, the certificates are offered. These are pre-authenticated and have the recognition in all the countries where Coursear ha the tie-up

  These cover various colleges and universities. It gives many options for career advancement and growth. The courses cover different types of subjects’ like science, humanities, commerce, professional management and law degrees etc. The learning is done through qualified and highly acknowledged trainers from different societies.

The app works on the platforms of both Android and IOS. There have been several updates and new version. The latest running version has been released in June 2019. There have been more than 33 million downloads till date and lot of people across the world have benefitted from this online education app.

 Some of the features of the app –

  1. It provides a wide range of courses for the interested person. This virtually covers all topics and areas of interest. It also includes fine art topics like music, acting, script writing as well as latest technologies like AI, Robotics, and IOT. In professional course, the latest trend in management like digital marketing etc. is covered.
  2. Instruction is through video streaming. These are online loaded contents and can be downloaded and saved for later viewing. There are also live sessions and they are informed beforehand.
  3. Exams will ensure that only the best of the students clear through. In other words, efforts, just like normal classes are required.
  4. It is free to join Coursera. The payment is for the specialization subjects and the certificate after passing the exam.

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