no apps | Free download no apps APK for android – 2017

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no apps:

9apps or no apps is one and the same thing which is sometime miss spelled by people and today this aap has millions of downloads till date due to its amazing features. Apart from its mini size, there are many other features offered in this app store which you will never find in any other app and this is the reason why it becomes a must have app in Android devices. no apps is the only app which has become a strong alternative to Google Play Store because of its awesome features, safety and dependability. The best part of this app is that despite of its mini size, it works seamlessly even in older versions of android and keeps the user up to date with the latest updates.
Below mentioned are some of the top rated apps of 9app , just put a glance-

no apps | Free download no apps APK for android - 2017

● Rail Rush-

Rail Rush is one of the adventurous game app you have ever played. In the game play, the player needs to collect precious stones and gold nuggets and gems at the time of stepping into the card and accelerate through the fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoid all the obstacles that comes along your path.

Here are some of the main features of Rail Rush, just have a look so you can play the game in a better way-

1- The players will get different surprises along the way and a chance to get many special gifts to earn.

2- In the game, there are 10 different settings featured so you can avail experience of exciting environments according to your choice.

3- The players are provided with the opportunity to play with 18 different unique and fun living characters.

4- To know the top rank holders in app the users can switch to leaderboards and know about the top scorers.

5- This game download install from 9apps .

● IQ test-

IQ test is a unique and amazing app available for the Android users through which the users can test their verbal ability, logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude and many other things which will help you in different ways. There are different types of questions for which you have to prepare and difficulty level of the question depends on the age group you fall in and then your score is calculated based on the number of questions you answered correctly.

Take a look on the points described below to understand the main features of IQ Test app-

1- In the app, the users can view the answers and detailed explanation of the questions that will help them in preparing for the test.

2- Percentile evaluation of the test performance can also be done by the users themselves.

3- Global leader boards is a unique features which allow the users to know about the ranking among a million users of the app around the world.

4- You can login to this amazing app with Facebook, Google or email according to your choice or preference.

● Photo lab Picture editor-

This amazing app has one of the fastest collection of stylish as well as funny photo effects that comes with stupendous features including photo filters, picture frames, effects, montage, collages and much more in just few clicks. With the help of this amazing app, you can make your ordinary photos into the creative and stunning ones by using a professional photo editor.

Here is the list which describes the basic features of this app, just put a glance-

1- The users can put their pictures into beautiful frames as there are different types of frames available which you can set according to the event or your mood.

2- With the help of realistic photo effects, the users can get a wonderful experience and enjoy the natural beauty in their images.

3- There are many photo filters available in the app through which you can filter your ordinary images and transform the same.

So above mentioned are the main or most downloaded apps of no apps and if you also wants to install any of the app then first of all you have to download this app store in your device. To download it now, just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from 9apps download through APK..