NetVelocity app install from 9apps

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NetVelocity app :

NetVelocity is a free Android app which is available to the users free of cost and enables the users to measure, test, compare and share the performance of network. This multipurpose app is currently, so popular that today it is a choice of huge masses that allows the users not only measure or compare the network performance but also along with testing the performance anytime and anywhere on the go so you can get the status of your device every time when you want according to your choice or as per your need.NetVelocity app install from 9apps

Take a look on the points to understand the main features of net velocity app so you will be able to avail its exciting and interesting offerings provided by this app-

1- In order to get the real time insight performance of your network, this app automatically takes speed tests to know the accurate and real time speed of the network.

2- With the help of this amazing app, the registered users of this app or the Enterprise which has downloaded it can get all the Complaints and work orders and manage all the task by conducting live drive test.

3- It smartly analyzes and make an aggregate with regard to the customer feedback which is based on events and user feedback. This analysis helps a lot to other customers during the time of review and developers at the time of ameliorating the features of this app.

4- You can also switch to engineering mode which is an advanced feature specially offered for measuring network performance and perform tuning as well as Optimization.

5- It offers several exciting and interesting features including capture the device specific KPIs, battery performance, temperature and system information like chipset, OS version, build etc of your device and much more.

6- The app can also perform drive test by using predefined coverage test sequence and that too in just a single click.

7- IP tools are also available in the app that helps to execute network Diagnostic command such as Traceroute, Ping,DNS lookup and Port scanner.

8- You can also synchronise friends of the end user with the help of social networking websites such as Facebook as it allows new users to receive and accept request through this app.

Net velocity app APK download from 9apps store –

If you find this app useful and download in your Android mobile phone then first of all click on the header or footer options and download it directly from 9Apps through APK and then after installing it register yourself to avail its benefits..