My talking tom | Free download my talking tom app APK for android

My talking tom | Free download my talking tom app APK for android
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Fond  of  pets  ??Then  My  talking  Tom   can   help  you  bringing  one  on  your  device .My  Talking  Tom  is  a  virtual  pet  app  developed   by  Outfit7  in   November   2013 .The  official  English   slogan  is  “Customize  your  Tom!”.In   this  2D  game  you  can  adopt  your  own  baby  kitten  and  help  him  grow  into  a  fully  grown  cat   named  “TOM”. You  have  to  take  good  care  of   the  kitten  ,,name  him  and  feed  him  daily  ,play  with  him   and  nurture  him  daily as  see  as  he  grows .You  can  live  a  enjoyful live  with  your   virtual  pet  .Dress  him  the  way  you  like ,pick  from   a  wide  collection  of  fur  and  accessories .You  can   decorate  his  home  and  check  how  other  decorate  their  virtual  pet  homes .Play  games  with  your  Tom  and  watch  as  he  becomes  a  everyday  part  of  your  life .Fond  of  pets  ??Then  My  talking  Tom   can   help  you  bringing  one  on  your  device .My  Talking  Tom  is  a  virtual  pet  app  developed   by  Outfit7  in   November   2013 .The  official  English   slogan  is  “Customize  your  Tom!”.In   this  2D  game  you  can  adopt  your  own  baby  kitten  and  help  him  grow  into  a  fully  grown  cat   named  “TOM”. You  have  to  take  good  care  of   the  kitten  ,,name  him  and  feed  him  daily  ,play  with  him   and  nurture  him  daily as  see  as  he  grows .You  can  live  a  enjoyful live  with  your   virtual  pet  .Dress  him  the  way  you  like ,pick  from   a  wide  collection  of  fur  and  accessories .You  can   decorate  his  home  and  check  how  other  decorate  their  virtual  pet  homes .Play  games  with  your  Tom  and  watch  as  he  becomes  a  everyday  part  of  your  life .  Features  of  My  Talking  Tom – •	Nurture  your  tom  - play  games  ,feed  him ,dress  him  ,tuck  him  into  bed . •	You  can  play  over  10  mini  games  like   Happy  connect  ,Bubble  shooter ,Planet  hope  and  many    more  to  earn  gold  coins  and  have  fun . •	You  can  also  record  ,share   and  watch  your  Talking  Tom    videos  and  watch  others  videos  too . •	You  can  have  a  good   and  detailed  look  on  others  Tom  ,find   treasure  chests  and  get  coins . •	This  interesting  virtual  pet  game  allows  you  to  enjoy  life  like  moments  with  your  favorite  pet   whose  emotions  change  according  to  how  you  play  with  him   and  nurture  him . •	You  can  create  your  Tom  by  choosing  from  1000’s  of  combinations  of  furs  ,  clothing  and  furniture  and  decorate  him  according  to  your  choice . •	Help  Tom  grow   through  9  different  stages  and  999  levels  unlocking  new  items  and  coins  as  you  go . You  get  rewards  according  to the  upbringing  of  your  Tom . •	You  can  even  interact  with  your  Tom  as  Tom  repeats  everything  you  say .Poke  ,stroke  and   tickle  him  and  watch how  amazingly  he  responds  and have  fun  with  your  pet . My  Talking  Tom  is  available  for  download  on   desktops  and  mobile  devices  .You  can  also  download  and  enjoy  this  simpler  and  interesting  game  through  our  APK  website  by  clicking  on   header  and  footer  options  on  the  web page . So  quickly  download  it  and  give  yourself  a  chance  to  feed  an  chill out  pet .

Features  of  My  Talking  Tom –

  • Nurture your  tom  – play  games  ,feed  him ,dress  him  ,tuck  him  into  bed .
  • You can  play  over  10  mini  games  like   Happy  connect  ,Bubble  shooter ,Planet  hope  and  many    more  to  earn  gold  coins  and  have  fun .
  • You can  also  record  ,share   and  watch  your  Talking  Tom    videos  and  watch  others  videos  too .
  • You can  have  a  good   and  detailed  look  on  others  Tom  ,find   treasure  chests  and  get  coins .
  • This interesting  virtual  pet  game  allows  you  to  enjoy  life  like  moments  with  your  favorite  pet   whose  emotions  change  according  to  how  you  play  with  him   and  nurture  him .
  • You can  create  your  Tom  by  choosing  from  1000’s  of  combinations  of  furs  ,  clothing  and  furniture  and  decorate  him  according  to  your  choice .
  • Help Tom  grow   through  9  different  stages  and  999  levels  unlocking  new  items  and  coins  as  you  go . You  get  rewards  according  to the  upbringing  of  your  Tom .
  • You can  even  interact  with  your  Tom  as  Tom  repeats  everything  you  say .Poke  ,stroke  and   tickle  him  and  watch how  amazingly  he  responds  and have  fun  with  your  pet .

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My  Talking  Tom  is  available  for  download  on   desktops  and  mobile  devices  .You  can  also  download  and  enjoy  this  simpler  and  interesting  game  through  our  APK  website  by  clicking  on   header  and  footer  options  on  the  web page . So  quickly  download  it  and  give  yourself  a  chance  to  feed  an  chill out  pet .