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Many times, the right motivation is required to step in for the proper diet and weight loss program. There is the need to cut down on unrestricted and junk food eating, shake off the laziness to do grinding exercises; proper food timings with restricted and required eating, proper sleep timings. This requires bringing lot of things on track. Sometimes the motivation may come from within and in certain cases, there needs some amount of external push.

In such scenarios, the My Diet coach app is the best help. This app gives that last mile encouragement to people to shake of their indolence and put their body in shape. It is just about that will power and My Diet helps to get the required dose of inspiration from photos, pictures, point’s accumulation and other rewards. This app is the perfect tracker and it monitors the weight loss on a regular basis in fixed interval timings.

The success of this app can be taken from the fact that more than 10 million people in the world have downloaded it in their mobiles and are using it. This is a stupendous success because there has been a plethora of health and dieting apps released but still My Diet has been able to stand out with such a good user base.

So, now for everybody, there is a tip of advice – do not take health lightly.  It has to be preserved at the best level. A good body and health leads to a good mind and this brings about all the necessary prosperity and wellbeing in life.

This app and works on Android and IOS platforms. The last update for both has been in 2018.

Features of the App –

  1. It keeps the motivation at the peak by offering a multitude of tips, photos, inspiration stories and other reward points.
  2. It does not rush into things and ask the user to go into a rigorous schedule from the very first day. The way suggested by it is a natural weight loss over a period time through a healthy lifestyle and fitness routines.
  3. It is one of the best weight loss trackers and much more than a calorie register instrument or a weight chart. It is the presentation of a complete balanced program in a practical manner.
  4. It gives the right inner motivation through a multiple step process – setting the goal, progress monitoring, in between alerts and reminders, celebrating success of weight loss through rewards…
  5. A very important feature of the process is the customized way of reminding the user – whether it is having the right snacks or food at the right time, proper intake of water, the daily quota of exercise at the pre decided time.
  6. Daily set programs to improve the nutrition and food intake also burn out any extra calories.
  7. For females, there are points that can be redeemed for the virtual fashion.
  8. The Pro Upgrade package gives higher level of tips and guidance.

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