Mozilla Firefox | Free download mozilla firefox app APK for android

Mozilla Firefox | Free download mozilla firefox app APK for android
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Mozilla Firefox latest version download free from 9apps

Mozilla Firefox an open source browser with tiny size and fastest browser. Mozilla firefox was publically launched in 2004. The one and only browser who challenged Microsoft internet Explorer’s dominance and capture huge market worldwide and gain position in top 3 most popular browser. The key feature which makes Mozilla Firefox so popular is its Add-ons feature the graphical user interface, strong security with fast speeds. This browser is most famous browser among developer as the developer will get lots of help while making website design look and its open source so one can use the code and join the community for better output.

Apps Title: Firefox 50.0 Beta 9

Filename: Firefox Setup

App size: 42.53MB (44,594,272 bytes)

Operating System Requirements: Windows 10, 8+, 8 Windows 2000 / XP, Vista, Windows 7, XP 64-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64-bit

Languages: Support Multiple languages

License: Open Source

Author: Mozilla Organization

Parth :


  • As soon as we type on address bar of Mozilla browser the browser will connect to various server to access the information and explore the result to client system.
  • Mozilla browser enable you to follow the https and http
  • Shortcut command for accessing browser features
  • Mozilla error resolver to go on link finder.
  • Access any time so that one can get back to them during any time through sessions or history.
  • Advance feature to save web page or website in your system.
  • This free browser has components like e-mail client, news, groups, html composer, ftp client etc.
  • Complex feature that can handle text, image and world wide web, digital video, audio as well as the hyperlinks.
  • Mozilla browser handle most complex contain, animated or secure server using programing written in Java and Java script.


User Interface: open source browser with simple but highly interactive. the first company to created the tabmozilla firefox app, mozilla firefox app download structure which was adopted by other browser.

Browser area : the only browser with maximum browser area by using addons toolbar controls on a Firefox button.

Awesome bar : as soon as you type the text it will direct to server to show the relevant result.

Buttons : on the right side of url box there is a search box you can customized the search engine option. Bookmarks, history and refresh button are also available on the right side of the url box.

Speed JagerMonkey : JavaScript engine to boost the page load speed fast by compressing the web page it acta as a proxy server and compress the website before showing the result which make it liger while opening due to its compress mode so that webpage can easily loaded very fast.

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