Movie Maker app download install free APK – 2017

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Movie Maker app download install from 9apps :

Movie Maker is one of the best video editor and movie making app which is available to the users free of cost so they can make the movies of their own, photo slideshow edit and much more. The Android device users can easily install this amazing app free of cost from 9app store and instantly transform their special or precious moments into creative artwork. In addition to this, one can not only create the video or edit the movie but also edit the same with amazing filters, animation and other special effects. This wonderful app is today a choice of huge masses due to its Movie Maker app download install free APK - 2017amazing features and the inclusive video editing tools also made it more innovative as well as creative with the help of which the user can add and change the animation effects in just few clicks and transform their video according to their choice and preference.

Following are the main features which describes the highlights of movie maker film maker app, just put a glance-

1- It has amazing video editing tools like Prem, crop, reorder and much more so you can set the focal point according to you.

2- The users can also apply special animated effects into the videos and set the video format to 16:9 cinema or square as per the need.

3- There are many filters and moving effects including lens flares, light leaks, and much more that can make your movie or video look more stunning and beautiful to watch and stand out in a crowd.

4- There is an option of Alive video effects where you will find and choose a variety of animation effects like infographics, cute hearts, bubbles, nature effects, explosions, transitions, and many other things and you can also added the same according to your choice.

5- The users are also provided with an option to choose their favourite or desired soundtracks, musical slideshow from an extensive library offered in the app.

6- One can also add custom designed calligraphy, typography and even emojis and create titles, subtitles and much more with the help of text animation effects.

7- After creating your video or movie, you can also share it with your friends or family on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more so your friends and near or dear ones may also know about your creativity and innovative skills.

Movie Maker app APK download from 9apps –

If you like to create a movie or a video on your own then this app is just perfect for you and the best part is it is available free of cost. In order to install it now, just click on the header or footer options and download directly from 9apps through APK to avail its exciting and interesting functions and improvise your creativity..