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Money view is a free mobile app used for managing the expenses and income in terms of money of a person, with the help of this app a person can keep a track of all the things that he is earning and everywhere also that he is spending the money he earned not only this but this app also keeps tracks of the persons saving that he is being doing side by side. This is a one stop solution for all your money related problems. You just need to fill in your details of the bank and need not to disclose all the information, this app records all the activities of that account that happens during the month and as soon as one receive a SMS it records it in its data and present it in front of you.

This apps has many more features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


View account balance– users can also view the balance that is present in their account or the amount that they35648913d557d54e05b9f252eae61324_screen_384x640 have spend and how much is left, as soon as your salary or any other means of cash or cheque is credited in your account it starts recording it from there and ends till the last penny lasts in your account, so you can also see where you spend how much money in a month.
Weekly or monthly reporting– the app also provides a weekly or monthly reporting of your expenses and incomes as per your conveniences, in this feature it alerts you about how much money have you got in your account in the starting and how much you have used and also tells you that whether or not the usage is ok or also that if it is higher then also it alerts you about the same.
Reminders– this app also gives you regular reminders about that how much money is left and also gives you a reminder that you have to give this EMI soon on this month, of this bill like electricity, mobile etc are pending that you need to pay so that there are no delays in the process and you live a convenient life.

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This is a one stop solution for all the monetary problems, if you are thinking to hire a assistant that can look after all such thing then don’t need to waste your so important money in that and just download this app and your problem would be sorted, this app will take only a few mega bytes to get installed in your device so download it now from our APK download link..