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Everyone wants to trim down and slim down. Nobody in this planet likes to walk around with a massive body and a pot belly. Even if he or she is not very much health conscious, all prefer to have a toned and shaped body. It goes without saying that flab and girth only gives a lot of discomfort for the self plus to all others as well. It overall creates an impression of a careless attitude person.

Ok, now that is as far as the defects are concerned. Regarding the solution, everybody likes to trim down but then following a rigid and highly restrictive diet is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are people who do so, but that is a miniscule minority and they have the freedom of time in their hand. For the majority of the normal working people, a stringent diet on the daily hectic schedule is big hurdle. People then start fluctuating between other options like searching on the internet or asking s specialist dietician. The later of course will give a long list of instructions with food control restrictions, day long.  There will also be a strict calorie intake measurement advice. This again is more easier said than done.

The best solution in such cases is to revert to technologies, as this is a combination of several things like expert opinion, accepted process and methods, tried and tested and proven ways etc.

This is where the app “Lose weight without dieting helps.  The very name of the app is answer to the problem and its solution as well. Now start losing your weight without any major strain. In a calm, relaxed and even fun filled manner.

It’s very simple to follow also.

Just after having every meal, record the details of the meal in the app. It will specify the correct answer whether the meal content was healthy or not. This will also record the calorie count, the carbs, and the proteins. The app has a reminder function through which it will alert the user if they forget to record details after any particular meal. The user also has to record all details of the any physical activity like walking or cycling or running done for the particular day. The app will then calculate the calorie intake again and will balance it against the required exercise. The aps tracks all part of the body weight like waist, bust and the thighs. Based on this, it helps to evaluate the progress.

Now hold it! Don’t think it’s a normal run off the mill calorie calculator. -Not at all. It   gives several and endless tips and insider tricks on how to lose weight in the most efficient and cool manner.

  • The several other features of the app include –
  • Daily charts of proteins, fats and calories
  • Water consumption tracking
  • Taking down notes and photo capabilities
  • Setting the standard parameters for food and exercise
  • Many hidden tips and accurate methods

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