Letters lock screen app install from 9apps

Letters lock screen app install from 9apps
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Letters lock screen app install from 9apps store :

Letters lock screen is an awesome app which is used and installed by millions of people due to its superb features. This amazing app enables the users to lock the apps and secured the device with letters. With the help of this unique app, one can easily lock the screen letters, Signature or password etc. It is smartly detects and adjust the letters which is created by the user and stored on the lock screen with the same every time so when you draw that particular letter, symbol of anything like a star, heart, triangle, square, circle etc then it can automatically detect the saved password and unlock your screen. By installing this amazing app from 9App store, one can easily draw letters, shapes, numbers, signatures and many other gestures to unlock their phone in a unique way.. The users are provided with a great choice while setting on lock on the screen which is a very rare feature you will never find in any other lock screen app and this is what makes it different and unique from other apps available in the market.

Letters lock screen app install from 9apps

Following are the main features of letters lock screen, just have a look-

1- Users are provided with the facility to lock the screen by creating different types of passwords including letters, shapes, numbers, signature etc, in just a single stroke.

2- In order to unlock the device, you have to only double tap on the app and open it easily and instantly.

3- At the time of setting the lock for your apps, you can use your own text or name with font and colour adjustment on the screen.

4- There is a great variety of beautiful and unique wallpapers in the app you can choose from to set the same directly from this app.

5- Letters lock screen is supportive of both single as well as multiple stroke and the user can lock the screen in both the ways.

6- The users get notified by way of alerts on lock screen like unread messages, music player, missed calls, alarm at much more.

7- There is an option to hide the letters or gestures so the user can switch to it in order to stop or hide the screen lock with this app.

Letters lock screen app APK from download 9apps

Letters lock screen is a unique and very popular lock screen app which is a choice of huge masses and if you are genuinely searching for a lock screen app for your device that can protect all your data and apps then you should download it from 9Apps store as it is a perfect choice for you. To install it now, just click on the header or footer options and download it directly from 9Apps through APK free of cost and lock your screen with letters to give it a complete protection and privacy.