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Science for kids it’s time to drive knowledge with ultimate application life science free applications this application contains information of cells microorganisms solar system etc kids really enjoy and Discover the life of Science with fun.

This application contains information about world of Science with colourful image and knowledge you can also have options to play with words fill in the blanks make sentence share your experience.

So instead of using mobile games apps is better to use science game apps so that children’s can learn while playing is really of fun even an elder can get interested in playing chess game with different different puzzles and you discover.

So usually kids science game instead of useless game. As if kids get in role in playing mobile game then they will get depressed and will always try to live alone and just scroll they are hand in mobile so beware do not allow kids to play games use our science game so that children’s will get interest in sharing knowledge

Below are some example of class 1 kids

The sun rise in the east.

The sun is a hot ball of fire.

The change in the shape of moon is called phases of the moon.

The sun give us head and light.

The sun is also a star.

There are eight planets in our solar system.

When moon look around it is called full moon.

  • The sun give us heat/snow
  • Starare very far/ near from the Earth.
  • A week has 8 / 7 days.
  • The sun make the days bright /dark.
  • The moon in the morning / at night.
  • Planets are heavenly bodies that wonder in space / on land.

Answer in one word

  • A big star that give us heat and light:
  • The period between sunrise and sunset:
  • the period between sunset and sunrise:
  • a big white  ball like object that signed at night:
  • countless object that twinkle at night:
  • The natural satellite of the earth:

Write few lines about the sun?

The sun is like a big ball of fire it give us heat and light it rises in the east and sets in the west.

Write few lines about the star?

Stars are very big and as bright as the sun they look very small because they are very far away from Earth. They twinkle all night.

What are planets?

Planets are heavenly bodies that wonder in space.

They revolve around the sun and do not have their own light.

Fill in the blanks.

Our body is like a _____________________. (machine)

there are ______________ sense organ in our body. (five)

There are about ___________muscles in our body.(206)

we use our leg to _________ and _____________.(walk, run)

We can _____________ with our hand.(write)

We use our finger to __________ things(hold).

____________is the large.(skin).

The _________ born is the longest bone in our body(Thigh).

Our _____________help to chew food.

Write the function of the following:

Skin: Skin help us to feel it also protect internal organs of our body.

ears : ears help us to hear different sound.

What are sense organ?

Parts of our body which help us to know the world around us are called sense organ.

Example eye, skin, nose etc.

What is skeleton?

The framework of bones in our body is called skeleton.

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